More than 2000 Arriva drivers and engineers are planned to walk out across the North West, on Thursday 19th October, Monday 23rd October and Monday 30th October. The strike comes after payment discussions broke down between Unite and Arriva North West. As a result, no Arriva buses will be running across Merseyside on these dates. The industrial action is preventing key student services such as the 699 from Carnatic halls and the 86 from running, making travel into university more difficult for many students.

Whilst there is no replacement service being provided by Arriva, any pre-paid tickets such as the annual student pass, can still be used on the Merseyrail network and on Stagecoach Quality Network Routes including the 10A, 14, 53, 82, 86, 471 and 472. Travel into university and the city centre should still be possible for many, but much disruption is expected across the area.

Rory Hughes, the new Vice President of the Guild of Students, uploaded a blog post today regarding the upcoming strike.

Rory takes an interesting stance upon the strike, encouraging students to “be angry at Arriva’s bosses”, rather than the bus drivers for the strike, suggesting it is their “fundamental human right” to take industrial action.

Rory also makes a direct link between the wages Arriva pays its employees and the high price of student bus tickets comparatively to other universities around the country, implying a strike may therefore be beneficial in a stance against Arriva for both students and workers alike:

“The vast profits creamed off by the bosses at Arriva is a result of us being fleeced as student customers and workers being exploited.”

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