We have finally reached the favourable month of October where everyone can channel all things weird and wonderful. With just a few weeks to go until Halloween, it’s probably about time we started thinking about the all-important decision of what to wear? Every year the decision on what to go as or what to wear for Halloween gets harder. You don’t want to look the same as everyone else, you don’t want to be boring, and you still want to look GOOD! So, I’ve done some digging into different, but still cute as hell, Halloween outfits.

When it comes to choosing what to wear for this very spectacular day of the year, you must decide whether you want to ultimately dress up as something (e.g. witch, devil, sexy clown, blah blah), or dress simply Halloween themed (blood, spider webs etc.) When typing into Google: Halloween costumes, thousands of results come up, most of which are websites dedicated to fancy dress, which can also mean pricey costumes – something us students tend to avoid; I’ve decided to put together a short list of some ideas I had in mind, that derive from general online shops that we are used to and that are not too costly.


A simple red velvet bandeau style mini dress coupled with red lace gloves and devil horns. As well as representing the obvious “Devil” character, the vibrant mix of reds and body con dress oozes sexy! A great make-shift devil costume.


Spider print jersey flared trousers paired with a lace bodysuit and web facial stickers. The bodysuit is the staple of this outfit, its dark colouring mirrors the Halloween trend whilst the delicate lace most certainly radiates sex appeal. A different approach to the “Spider”.


A basic black plunge thong bodysuit put together with a mesh wrap skirt and black fairy wings. A look that quite literally represents darkness. The plunge element of the bodysuit highlights features like the chest whilst the mesh skirt most definitely elongates the legs.


A slogan T-Shirt dress ‘Do your fang’, accompanied by diamantè fishnet tights and bloody facial stickers. The diamantè fishnet tights add some ‘glitz’ to the outfit together with the glittered blood stickers. A comfy but cute vampire themed costume.


A leopard print catsuit combined with ears and gold/black glitter. The sleek fitted style of the catsuit shows of all assets making you look hella good whilst it could be coupled with a black belt to draw in your waist and make you look flawless!