It’s official! Liverpool is one of the most haunted cities in the UK. According to research conducted by the fast house buying company Open Property Group, Liverpool is one of the top UK cities for scary searches on Google. Taking data from Google Trends, they found that Liverpool ranks 1st to be searched alongside the terms ‘haunted house’, ‘haunting’ and ‘mediumship’.

This creepy correlation might prove that Liverpool is indeed host to increased paranormal activity – or it could just be proof that Liverpudlians are more paranoid than most. Either way, there’s something much more terrifying than ghosts and demons on the streets of Liverpool and they’re here all year round… difficult housemates.

Here are your top 3 housemate horror stories to get you in the Halloween spirit (storytellers have been kept anonymous).

1. A Cheapskate Poltergeist
“I’ve been living in a big house with 14 other housemates this year. Naturally, there’s a few arguments over shelf and fridge space, taking out the bins, using each other’s milk and stuff like that. But overall, we all get along well. That is until people started noticing their things were going missing.”

“When we first moved in more or less everyone seemed to find things like bottles of pop, veg and alcohol going missing from the fridges but we could never see where things were being moved to. They weren’t in either of the fridges or anywhere in the cupboards so we couldn’t tell who was taking everything. This was annoying but none of us were losing any sleep over it, it’s just not nice having a housemate you can’t trust. It did become a big problem when two of my housemates had left their phone and speaker in the kitchen and could not see either when they went to get them.”

“One of my housemates was livid and confronted us all on the group chat, saying he’d involve the police if someone didn’t own up. It was like some virtual detective show standoff, but we all appreciated that it needed to be done. Anyway, under this pressure, the guy who’d taken the speaker and phone told us that he’d sold them at CeX and offered to give the money back, which obviously didn’t go down well. What’s more, someone went in his room the other day and found he had a mini fridge under his desk, they looked in it and found loads of stolen food and drinks. There’s always one.”

2. The Ricemare on Campus
“I’d just moved from Carnatic to halls on campus and was settling in well enough. There were 6 other people on my floor and I got on with most of them, although we weren’t exactly becoming best friends – I spoke to people from my old accommodation and my course more. But three of my flatmates were really close and kept to themselves and they were really damn loud (especially when no one else was around). One night I was in my room and I heard them bitching about me and another flatmate in the corridor, it wasn’t nice but it didn’t faze me too much as I wasn’t overly keen on them either.”

“The next morning I had to be up early to get in at 10 for a seven hour day. Needless to say, when I got back in I was shattered. I go into the kitchen to make dinner and find crap all over things like my trays, plates and cutlery. They were covered in a weird mixture of ketchup, soy sauce and lots of rice. My mugs were literally full of it and I didn’t even manage to get half of it off. I confront one of the three about this and she pretended to have no clue what it was about, this was clearly bs so I called her out on it and she just got angry at me, saying she was out at the pub all day (more bs)”.

“So I spoke to the RA and organised to get moved into a different block along with the other flatmate, whose kitchen equipment they’d also messed up. It was pretty awkward for the next few days but then I moved and was really happy with the block I was in and even live with some of the people I met there today. This was just really strange because they’d never done anything to suggest they disliked me before this but some people are just weird”.

3. It Came from Beyond the Clive
Our last story is my own spooky experience I had moving into my new house on Garmoyle Road. It was late, I had got all my things out the car and took them up to my room, made my bed and (of course) headed down to Landmark to get a curry. On walking into the kitchen and turning on the light for the first time, I saw a terrifying creature under the stairs that made me jump out of my skin – Clive.

As far as I was aware I was the first to move in so I was completely puzzled as to who could’ve put him there. And to make it worse, I’d always forget he was there, so I’d have a fresh experience of being spooked by this mysterious 7ft tall, goatee-donning airline pilot every time I went to the kitchen. Stranger still: when my housemates arrived they didn’t have a clue where he came from.

So we lived with this sixth housemate for a good few months assuming the landlord had left him there as a joke and actually grew quite fond, eventually giving him the name Clive. Tall, dark, handsome, a good listener and a fixture at pre-drinks, Clive was a great guy but there was always a feeling of uncertainty among us about his mysterious past. To add to this mystery, when our landlord came around to fix our shower, he mentioned how funny he found Clive, confirming that he hadn’t left him there… so who did?

Turns out it was one of our housemates who had moved her things in before me and had gone back home. She thought it would be funny not to tell me but she couldn’t help it in the end. Clearly, the banter is strong in our house.

Thanks to Lisa for bringing Clive into our lives.