This Halloween, Malibu have released their very own Halloween-themed cocktails that are foolproof to make, and perfect for a spooktacular party that will be unforgettable! It’ll definitely be a treat this year with these quick and easy recipes, which can either be made at home, or ordered at selected bars if you are heading into town!

Malibu 1ltr bottles are available on sale at Asda RRP £14, and at Nisa the 70cl bottles are available at RRP £11.What’s not to love about these scarily good cocktails and deals that will add a little spook to your Halloween bash!

Pumpkin Colada
– 50ml Malibu
– 75ml pineapple juice
– 50ml coconut milk
– 10ml lime juice
– 10ml of pumpkin puree or syrup

You can’t go wrong with this scarily simple and tasty concoction. Simply mix the Malibu, pineapple juice and coconut milk into a fish bowl. Add the lime juice and pumpkin puree or syrup. Serve on ice and drink up!

The Hocus Post                                                                                                                                                                                                                               – 12.5ml Malibu
– 12.5ml Midori

The next spooky delight is The Hocus Post, this one only requires mixing two hauntingly tasty ingredients, Malibu and Midori. Add some candy floss to the top of the glass to create a smoking effect to give it a real Halloween feel.

Berry Scary

– 50ml Malibu
– ½ lime cut into wedges
– 15ml blackberry or blueberry puree

To create a Berry Scary, fill a glass with crushed ice and wedges of lime, then pour in the Malibu and blackberry or blueberry puree. Add Halloween-themed sweets to the top to make it extra creepy and surprise your guests.

Blood Shot
– 25ml Malibu
– 1 shot of Tobasco

Blood shots are really simple and effective if you want to impress your party guests! Fill a shot glass with Malibu and drip tobasco to make your drink ‘bleed’ for a spine-tingling finish!

White Fright
– 50ml Malibu
– 75ml apple juice
– 50ml coconut puree

Using a wine glass, mix the Malibu, apple juice, and coconut puree. Now add some candy floss to the edge of the glass to create a cobweb look, you’ll be happily surprised by how creatively awe-inspiring this cocktail can be.

Pina Ghoulada
– 50ml Malibu
– 75ml pineapple juice
– 50ml coconut milk
– 10ml lime juice
– 5ml grenadine

Using a tall glass ,mix the Malibu, pineapple juice ,and coconut milk, then add a couple of drops of lime juice. To finish, pour grenadine down one side of the glass. Again candy floss can be added to the top if desired, or try a prop or sweet treat to add a twist to your cocktail.

Spineapple Martini
– 50ml Malibu
– 50ml pineapple juice
– 12.5ml Chambord

Start by mixing Malibu and pineapple juice in a glass, then add the Chambord to create a fizzy top. A Halloween prop can be added to the top to make it a little more frightening!

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