For P!nk fans, it’s been practically too long of a wait for a new album. But P!nk (also known as Alecia Beth Moore), is now back and brighter than ever with Beautiful Trauma. This new album of hers is a lot more stripped back and more reflective than her previous album The Truth About Love, which was released 5 years ago.

Although P!nk’s sound has evolved, she has still somehow remembered who she really is as an artist: a feisty, confident and beautifully honest woman who puts so much personal lyrics and powerful meaning into either a raw ballad or an upbeat bop. One of the lyrical stand-outs includes “The stones you throw can make me bleed/But I won’t stop until we’re free,” on the moving ballad ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.’ Then there’s the stunning “We are billions of beautiful hearts/And you sold us down the river too far” on the euphoric lead single of this new album, titled ‘What About Us?’ From the beginning to the end of Beautiful Trauma, P!nk continues to give her heart and create a bond between her fans and the music.

Also, P!nk seems to focus on looking back on the past quite often on Beautiful Trauma. Just have a listen to track six named ‘Barbies’, where the pop-rock songstress remembers the profound little moments of her childhood and wishes to go back to them. Then all of a sudden, P!nk brings it back to the present with the totally energetic banger ‘I Am Here,’ which would sound unbelievable if she performed it live in concert in front of a massive audience!  A collaboration with U.S rap god Eminem titled ‘Revenge’ has even made it onto the album. It’s a sound that we have not really heard from either of these artists before, but it kind of works.

Overall, P!nk has used her time away from music well. From the girl who started as a pink-haired R&B teen singer, who went on to blaze the trail for fellow singers of her era like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears to fully be themselves and to also evolve musically, P!nk has earned her right to longevity in the music industry as a true icon!

Beautiful Trauma by P!nk is now available to purchase through Amazon and iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify.