Student Officers are elected and work full time on campus to help make improvements to the student experience. Here to support your activities and make your ideas become a reality, meet this years Vice-President!

About your SO:

‘I’m Rory Hughes, the Vice-President for the upcoming year. I was elected in March 2017 and am the only new Officer on the team, steadily finding my feet with the help of the others. I was previously the Chair of the incredible and booming Labour Students Society on campus. I was also heavily involved in student activism on campus such as the NSS boycott campaign. I have just graduated with a History degree, specialising in the relationship and networks between Irish and Haitian revolutionaries at the end of the 18th century.’

My priorities for the year include:

‘Lobbying the bus companies in the city region for cheaper student bus travel. We currently pay £375 for an academic year bus pass with Arriva! This is over £100 more expensive than comparable student cities. I have already been meeting with local government officials and the bus companies themselves to see what can be done. I am really excited to help co-ordinate a grassroots campaign for cheaper buses this year so keep a look out!’

‘I am also working on helping to organise a big event for students to discuss the future of tuition fees and Higher Education more broadly. The question of tuition fees has been thrust back on the agenda in the most recent General Election. Students must get involved to shape the future of Higher Education funding and the sector more broadly. I’m currently working on organising transport to get students from Liverpool to the National Demonstration for Free Education on the 15th November in London.’

For more information about this event, click here

‘I’ve been leading on some reforms to how we host Student Media in the Guild, trying to get more resources to, and collaboration between, our media societies so we can boost readership. That includes the possibility of printing this newspaper in the future. I am passionate about Student Media, it is a vital part of campus democracy and helps to build a sense of student ownership over the Students’ Union, university and the city more broadly.’

‘Other campaigns I’ve been/will be working on include the reduction of our campus gym costs, keeping the pressure on the university to stop investing in companies linked to catastrophic climate change and facilitating space for DJ society to begin to host club nights in our Cellar Bar. Also, keep an eye out for some blogs on the history of campus activism that I will be writing throughout the year!’


If you want to know more, get in touch, or follow Rory’s work within the Guild, click the links below!