Santa Maluco revealed their eagerly awaited Vegan Monday menu to their hungry customers on Monday 16th October. After already introducing Liverpool residents to their Brazilian twist on pizza, now they are offering an ‘all you can eat’ style of dining too! Any pizza lover will love the exciting flavours and toppings that Santa Maluco are creating, especially when every slice of pizza seems effortless.

The staff are incredibly attentive, genuinely friendly and passionate about their restaurant and food. There was definitely no waiting around in this place, the service was very fast and the food arrived even faster. There is a lively and quirky atmosphere which is fuelled by the urban and arty decor, and the jazzy and soulful music. There is an exciting buzz about the new Vegan Monday Menu, so head over to Santa Maluco to find out what the noise is all about!

The inspired vegan pizza menu offers a creatively fresh approach to vegan food, making Liverpool a very exciting city for food lovers! Rodízio is an ‘all you can eat’ style, were servers will bring slices of pizza to customers, until you have to stop! But if you prefer a more traditional experience, then you can always order the pizza by the slice or the full 18″ inch. There is so much choice at this pizzeria making it the perfect place if you are ever a little indecisive when it comes to restaurant menus.

The Vegan Monday menu consists of seven savoury options, we started with the Margherita. It had a thin and crisp base with a slightly thicker crust, the base topped with a rich and smooth tomato sauce and a mild choice of cheese. The second slice ‘What the duck’ was a particular favourite of mine, I would recommend anyone ordering this one! The pizza included mozzarella, mock duck, spring onion, cucumber, char Sui and sesame seeds. This unexpected mixture of flavours was a surprising delight, I would happily revisit this pizzeria for another slice. ‘Buffalo solider’ was a slightly spicier option for those chilli lovers out there, but my friend absolutely loved it. Another favourite of mine was the ‘Return of the Mac’, this can only be described as a vegans very own burger and pizza wrapped all into one. The combination of the mince, mozzarella, tomato base, Big Mac sauce, white onions, pickles and lettuce was everything you would want and so much more! We tried the ‘Ratatouille’ next, a classic option for pizza toppings and this was especially tasty because of the tahini and walnuts. And if after all of the delicious and filling pizza slices you still have room for more, then I would challenge you to try the dessert pizza. It is the tastiest and very much the most indulgent way to finish the meal. If you have a sweet tooth then this is the one for you, a chocolatey, creamy and strawberry filled heaven.

If you need a little something to drink,try one of Santa Maluco’s classics on the cocktail menu. The $5 Dollar Shake is made from vodka, chambord, milk, blueberry jam and ice-cream. Or if you fancy a crazier option then give the Bubble Gum Sours a go! If you want to find out about anymore of their fabulous cocktails, or any other information about Santa Maluco Rodizio Pizzeria, then head over to their website:

Now is the time to celebrate vegan month at Santa Maluco every Monday, with endless pizza slices. Every ingredient on the vegan Monday menu is 100% vegan and they are all made fresh from the oven. Santa Maluco is about celebrating the love of good food, making it the new favourite place of mine to take friends and family to experience an authentic and hearty meal out. After experiencing the restaurant for myself, I can definitely say it has lived up to the hype and most certainly will be a place I visit again soon!