The nights are darker, the air is getting colder and Storm Brian is upon us – it must be Halloween! The perfect social excuse to have a night in or out celebrating our first seasonal event for students. Why not try and impress your new flatmates with a new spooky beverage? These punch bowl recipes are super easy and cheap to make. There’s no need to buy a fancy punch bowl, a mixing bowl or a large saucepan from wilko, amazon or any supermarket does the job! Not all punch bowls need to contain alcohol, feel free to add as little or as much as your taste buds desire.

Bloody Vampire

The first punch bowl is a little creation my flatmate and I concocted. There are only five ingredients required: 200ml carton of orange juice, 200ml carton of cranberry juice, a bottle of vodka, the juice of one lemon/lime and ice! The reason why I suggest cartons of juice is that it is cheaper than buying the bottled versions. Begin by mixing all the juices together in the bowl before adding the alcohol. I would add approximately a third of a bottle of vodka but it is completely up to you how much you would prefer in your punch. Lastly, add the ice upon guest arrival so the drink stays colder for longer. As a creepy finishing touch, you could add some gummy vampire fangs to frighten and delight your guests.

After Dark Nightmare

The most deceiving punch of them all is After Dark Nightmare. The reason being is that you think this drink would just be coke, but the punchy cherry flavour along with a dark rum bonus makes it a whole lot more than just a fizzy drink! Combine 200ml carton of cherry juice drink into the punch bowl with around 450ml of vodka and half a litre of pepsi/coke. Mix with ice and decorate with a sign around the bowl reading “Caution”. You can get this from Tesco for £1 from their Halloween section. To finish off the punches, add either a load of straws or use a ladle to dish out the content into cups!

Pumpkin Delight

Pumpkin delight is the tastiest because of it’s refreshing and fruity flavour! All that is required is a bottle of Malibu, 200ml carton of pineapple juice, one litre bottle of orangeade (Fanta Orange) and ice. If the bottle of Malibu is 70cl, I would add about half of it. Hint: Aldi are known for their good value own version of Malibu called “Cocobay Rum and Coconut” – £4.29 for 70cl. Simply mix all the ingredients together in the bowl leaving the ice out until serving! Featured image:

If you decide to venture into the world of making spookily delicious punch bowls, you could always add all the remaining ingredients into a bowl. The leftovers can be put to good use, they can be used as the trick to the treats of the night – as I can only imagine it’ll be lethal! Happy Halloween!