We don’t ride our hoverboards through the park, never jog in our fashionable self-lacing trainers, and unfortunately flying cars are yet to get off the ground. However, one thing a teenage time traveller from the 1980s would be in awe of would likely be 3D printing. From car parts to replacement limbs, the modern marvel that is 3D printing is ushering in a new technological era that might prove to define the early 21st century.

If we bear this in mind we can begin to develop an understanding as to why Designing Desire, in the words of FACT Liverpool, “operates at the juncture of visual arts, technological production, scientific exploration and political activism”. It could be said that by utilising a medium of expression that is characteristically innovative and, maybe for many, relatively unexplored, we are ourselves encouraged to explore new and unconsidered perspectives relating to our bodies, identities, gender and biological capabilities. By considering the future of 3D printing, we may also consider the future of ourselves.

Designing Desire runs from 12th October to 5th November at FACT Liverpool. In addition to this, there is an exhibition opening event taking place from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 12th October.