‘Die Fledermaus’ (Translation: the bat) is a fun and entertaining comedy operetta that is guaranteed to have you leaving with a smile on your face.

First performed in 1874, and later translated into English, it took Johann Strauss II only six weeks to write, with the intention of taking Vienna’s mind off the recent stock exchange crash in 1873. It follows the story of Eisenstein, who is due to go to prison that night for punching a policeman. His friend Dr Falke decides to use his last night of freedom as an opportunity to get revenge for an event years ago, when Eisenstein abandoned him after a party where he was dressed as a bat, causing him much embarrassment.

This production, performed at the Empire Theatre by the Welsh National Opera was very impressive. It featured an amazing cast, all of whom are extremely talented. I particularly enjoyed the performance of soprano Rhian Lois, who played the chambermaid Adele.

The company definitely had fun with this performance, adding in lines to keep this two-hundred-year-old show updated and modern. They included many jokes alluding to recent politics, and pop culture (such as references to prime ministers and the ‘Go Compare’ adverts). They frequently had the audience in stitches of laughter, myself included.

This is a show that I would definitely recommend to all. Its light-hearted tone makes it enjoyable for all, whether you frequent the opera regularly, or want to give something new a try. I can certainly say that I would love to see any other productions that this company has up their sleeves. This is an undeniably fantastic night out at the theatre!