With Christmas looming there is no better time to treat yourself with a quirky advent calendar, making the run up to Christmas even more exciting! With all five calendars retailing for under £10, there’s no reason to say no! From chocolate to cereal and cheese, there’s definitely a new calendar you need to try…

  1. For the chocolate lover – obviously


A Cadburys advent calendar is certainly a classic but with the Heroes calendar and individually wrapped chocolate, this is something a little more special. For only £4.99 from Amazon you will definitely feel like you’re unwrapping a present for all 24 days.

  1. For the crisp lover


Calling all Pringle lovers! With 12 40g tubs of various flavours including Original, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion and more, this too can be yours for £7.99 from B&M. If you’re bored of the endless traditional chocolate calendars out there, or even a faithful savoury lover be sure to pick up one of these boxes of salty goodness. But make sure to hurry as some have been spotted to be selling on eBay for double the price!

  1. For the cereal lover


The Kellogg’s Cereal Advent calendar is surely an unusual choice, but for only £4 from Tesco it’s worth a try. The calendar is set to include Corn Flakes, Coco Pops, Rice Krispies and more. This one can surely be a more conventional breakfast rather than a sneaky piece of chocolate…

  1. For the cheese lover


I’m sure a lot of us have prayed for this to exist one day but the first cheese advent calendar is finally here! The calendar which is exclusive to Asda for £8 has not 12, but 24 individually wrapped cheeses! From Jarlsberg and Applewood to the classic cheddar, it can be hard to disappoint anyone. So whether you fancy your cheese with a cracker, a glass of wine or just by itself, be sure to indulge with one of these cheese advent calendars this Christmas.

  1. For the Tea lover


If you would rather wait for the big day to eat your body weight in chocolate, crisps and other goodness or can simply show a little more restraint during the Christmas period (we applaud you) then the Pukka tea advent calendar is perfect for you. For £7.99 from Pukka Herbs, the 24 herbal teas can be a great way to unwind during this hectic Christmas period.

2017 is the year to try out the new and exciting calendars that are capturing our attention this month so what are you waiting for? Before Friday this week make sure you have got your calendar and start getting ready to celebrate the wonders of Christmas!

Featured image: http://www.hellogwen.com/2015/11/diy-advent-calendar-what-to-put-inside.html