For those of you who are not familiar with Guy Sebastian, he is an Australian singer-songwriter who first rose to prominence when he became the first ever winner of Australian Idol. Since his win he has had 6 number one singles and a couple of platinum albums. He also became a judge on The X Factor: Australia as well as collaborating with artists such as Lionel Richie. It is not hard to understand why this male soloist has achieved success down under in Australia, based on his soulful and emotive melodies that appear on his latest album Conscious which UK listeners could potentially like as well.

The album commences with a pretty cool song called ‘High On Me.’ The song’s rhythm is immensely likeable and it could get pretty much anyone onto the dancefloor. Then the tone changes immediately when Sebastian brings his emotions to the forefront of the album, on the tracks ‘Bloodstone’ and ‘Set in Stone.’ Sebastian has recently split from his wife Jules which, according to Guy Sebastian himself, inspired him to write songs such as ‘Bloodstone’ for his latest musical offering. Lyrics such as “I tend to mess up every good thing in my life, oh/I’ll make it up to you somehow” add a very personal feel to the album, something which not all artists today can successfully accomplish.

Despite Conscious including a few other special songs such as ‘Sober’ and ‘Chasing Lights,’ it is not entirely perfection. Sebastian’s music is not widely recognized in the UK market, and with songs like ‘Vesuvius’ and ‘Drink Driving’ he could potentially just end up blending in with the rest of the mainstream rather than standing out  and offering something a little more unique to listeners. His songwriting is quite cohesive but there is not always a lot of “it factor” being projected. However, given time, Sebastian could produce that “it factor” by maintaining his stage presence and continuing to use those soft, alluring vocals to the best of his ability.

Guy Sebastian’s new album Conscious is now available to stream on Spotify and to download from iTunes.