American post-hardcore band Our Last Night came back to Manchester after almost 2 years (last in February, 2016) to promote their new EP Selective Hearing. And once again, they showed off their refreshing sound and strong connection with their fans at possibly one of the best rock music events of the year in North West England.

Before the headliners, two special guests warmed-up the crowd in the rather small space of Manchester Academy 3. The evening was opened by melodic rhythms of alternative-rock band New Volume, originally from the South Africa, followed by the guys from Holding Absence (metalcore/ post-hardcore) who took the stage by storm with their raw sound and screams that sometimes resembled the famous Architects.

A little while after that, the main stars came to the stage – and fans were on fire since the very beginning. Our Last Night could not start better than with Broken Lives, the first song of their newest EP – which, just as their previous two main records, was recorded independently, as they parted ways with Epitaph Records in 2013 and since then have not been signed with any label.

The band continued with older songs from the Oak Island and Younger Dreams albums, where some of the band’s weaknesses reflected – especially during the songs I’ve Never Felt This Way, Prisoners and Younger Dreams. The quality of singing of the two lead-singers and brothers at the same time (Trevor and Matt Wenthworth) is sometimes criticized on social media, and probably everyone in the club could hear that the vocals in these three songs were not as clean as they should be. However, it had no impact on the atmosphere during the show as the band compensated weaker vocals with strong screams, perfect guitar riffs and amazing drums played by Tim Molloy. After all, who goes to a hardcore gig expecting five-star singing?

Along their own production, Our Last Night also did not forget to play a rock cover of a well-known pop song – this time they chose Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. In fact, covers are what made Our Last Night known across the world. Particularly their version of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons was very successful, reaching more than 20 million views on YouTube.

Overall, the gig had it all – crowdsurfing of the bass player Alex ‘Woody’ Woodrow, moshing (a bit dangerous at such a small place, though), Trevor playing drums, a fan pulled up on the stage, high-fives with members of the band and an encore song at the end of the show.

“This is the best show we’ve played in Manchester so far!” screamed Trevor during their performance. And indeed, he was right.


The band keeps their fans updated about everything important through their Facebook and YouTube channel. Their new EP Selective Hearing is available to purchase through Amazon, iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify along with their other albums and covers.