Last Thursday, (23rd November) students from the People and Planet Society held a demonstration outside the Guild calling for the University to divest from the use of Fossil Fuels. The demonstration involved representatives of the society chanting through megaphones and holding banners to appeal to passing-by students to increase support for their petition.

Society President, Joe Ferguson, dressed as a Liver Bird drenched in black paint to represent the wildlife being damaged by crude oil. This is symbolic of the tarnished reputation they believe the University is giving itself, very covertly investing in fossil fuels while the Guild claims to champion green initiatives. Needless to say, the protesters gained a lot of attention, raising awareness of an issue they feel the University is being suspiciously quiet about.

After the demo, Joe delivered a statement to the Sphinx:

“The demonstration allowed the University of Liverpool to see the disdain of the student community at the continued investment of 8% of our endowment in the fossil fuel industry. As a world leading University in so many areas, our inaction when it comes to investing in renewables is counterintuitive, particularly considering the Renewable Energy Centre which is situated on Central Campus.”

“As a result of the demonstration and the hard work of our tireless student officers, we are beginning a positive conversation with the University about fossil fuels. Nevertheless, the student body cannot continue to remain silent on this issue. To this end, we have started an online petition to show the University our determination to divest. I would actively encourage all students to sign this petition and make the University divest from this unethical industry.”

You can find the petition here. If you’re interested in the issues raised by the People and Planet Society and want to  get involved, it’s £3 to join and they have meetings every Thursday 6-8pm.