So December has come back around and with it comes cold weather, that god-awful Mariah Carey song and, of course, the Guild Wish. If there’s one redeeming feature of this month (apart from Christmas itself), this is it. From December 1st to the 8th, the Guild are offering to make all your Christmas wishes come true, you just need to ask!

And what can you ask for? Almost anything.

Last year’s best wishes included a space hopper, 20 bottles of washing up liquid and a life-size Danny DeVito cut-out. Outstanding.

Wishes don’t have to be completely off the wall, either. People also asked for a set of pans, Yorkshire Tea, and white socks (yes, someone actually asked for socks). In total, 63 little girls and boys had their wishes come true and this Christmas, you could join them.

All you have to do is tweet @LiverpoolGuild using #GuildWish, letting them know what you wish for!

Visit the Guild website for more details and rules.

Featured image courtesy of Lucy Wynne (Instagram: @lucy.wynne)