What better way to kick-start the festive celebrations than by getting into the spirit of Christmas at the Manchester Markets? Manchester’s famous festive market has opened as the countdown has commenced in the big city and will be open until December 20th.

The market stretches across the following sites: Albert Square – Open until 21st (European market and main hub), St Ann’s Square (German market), King Street (French market), Exchange Street, New Cathedral Street, Exchange Square, Cathedral Gardens (family friendly area), Market Street, The Corn Exchange and Brazennose Street.

The main hub of wooden stalls located in Albert Square, in front of Manchester Town Hall, will be open from 10am-9pm daily. Albert Square is by far the busiest and most popular destination as the variety of sweet and savoury food and drink ranges from German, to Spanish to French – you name it, it’s there!

Prices are always a big topic of conversation at European Markets, yet the expectation of costs aren’t as expensive as presumed. You should probably budget around £20 to be able to enjoy the fine delicacies of what is on offer. (Beer/Mulled Wine – £4-6.50, Crepe/Waffle – £3-6 and £4-5 for a sausage.) You will be spoilt for choice with the festive foods and drinks, the smell of Dutch sausages grilling, candles burning and mulled wine simmering perfumes the cold air, it really is starting to feel like Christmas!

Students are eligible for a 16-25 railcard which is perfect when paying for transport to Manchester from Liverpool. For a return journey on a Saturday (Late afternoon > Late evening) with the railcard costs £4.50. A quick daytrip to Manchester can be cost effective for students which will be the perfect excuse to get involved with the festivities this winter!