February marks LGBT+ History month in the UK, the annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, as well as the history of civil rights and gay rights movements. It’s a month to reflect and engage with the LGBT+ community and educate yourself more on this fascinating history. If you have an LGBT+ role model or hero, why not get  involved in celebrating them during LGBT+ history month?

As part of his blog, Wilde About History, Joe Ferguson, in collaboration with Tor Smith, are looking for writers to contribute to their month long blog series about LGBT+ people who inspire students at the University of Liverpool. The chosen hero can be a historical figure, a celebrity, even someone personal to you, as long as this is someone who is LGBT+ and inspires the author in some way or another. The blog doesn’t have to be a specific length or structure, it just has to discuss who the person is, what they do, and why they are an inspiration to the writer. The author also doesn’t have to be LGBT+, so long as the person they write about is.

‘We really want to showcase a variety of LGBT+ figures throughout LGBT+ history month, so there will be one post every day through February’ – Tor Smith

The blog itself, about LGBT+ history, was started in May 2017 by Joe Ferguson, as he didn’t see a resource to showcase the history of queer culture. The blog includes a variety of interviews with people within queer culture, biographies, and tonnes of interesting content about LGBT+ history.

‘Wilde About History’ homepage

‘Having spent a year and a half studying LGBT+ history, I feel confident to slowly start collecting the knowledge I have into a blog which I hope will serve to educate the LGBT+ youth, as well as the general public, about the tremendous impact that LGBT+ figures have had on our culture.’ – Joe Ferguson



This is the perfect platform not only to showcase your writing and give recognition your LGBT+ hero, but to get involved in an amazing month which celebrates and educates both LGBT+ and other communities alike. So why not give blogging a try?

If you’re interested in writing a blog on your LGBT+ hero contact: https://wildeabouthistory.wordpress.com/contact/

In the mean time, read Joes’s blog here: www.wildeabouthistory.wordpress.com