The Caledonia is a traditional pub perfect for any students that fancy hearty and tasty food especially during the long winter months. They offer a fully vegan menu of classic pub foods, from themed burgers to loaded fries. I ordered the CVK Classic burger which consisted of 1/4lb patty in a bun with cheese, gherkins, salad and sauce. It was served with fries and coleslaw. As I was feeling very hungry on my first visit to The Caledonia I also ordered one of their ‘Big Sides’ of mac & cheese. The entire meal was delicious and definitely did not disappoint with their choice of vegan cheese. There’s also a gluten free menu available, providing even more options and making their menu even more inclusive.

The Caledonia has a relaxing and friendly vibe, with a very much community based feel to it. The welcoming atmosphere makes the no.1 dog friendly pub in the North West the best place to pull up a stall and enjoy a drink or two! It has been one of my favourite places that I’ve found since focusing on veggie and vegan themed food places in Liverpool. I recommend anyone visits The Caledonia for a bite to eat especially since they even have the vegan Baileys which is music to our ears this Christmas time!

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