If you haven’t been able to stick with your resolution to be ‘healthier in 2018’ or have even grown bored of your breakfast ideas, then definitely give one of these a go. From traditional porridge to healthy pancakes, there is sure to be something to make your breakfast a little more exciting and help make the start of your day even brighter.

  1. Yogurt and Granola bowl:

If you’re looking forward to the warmer months why not try a classic yogurt and granola bowl. Whether you prefer nuts, seeds or fruits there are plenty of ways to make your breakfast Instagram worthy. If you don’t have time to make your own granola, supermarkets have plenty to choose from whether you like clusters, dried fruits or seeds. The protein from the yogurt and the carbohydrates from the granola provide a good balance for an energising breakfast to tackle a day of lectures or even a smaller portion can help give you a midday ‘pick-me-up’.

  1. Porridge and overnight oats:

This may seem to be a boring and mundane breakfast, but you will be surprised with the number of ways you can make porridge more exciting. Not only can you give different nuts and seeds a go but why not try adding a little nut butter, Nutella or even a nut-free chocolate. A spoon of these mixed into your boring porridge gives your breakfast a whole new taste that you can change everyday. However, if you like to have oats in the morning but don’t necessarily want a hot breakfast why not give overnight oats a go. Meal prepping will go a long way by mixing your oats, milk and any other ingredients in a jar overnight. Not only will this give a deliciously creamy breakfast, but it will no doubt save you time in the morning. Also, don’t forget you can still heat this on the hob for a hearty breakfast.

  1. Chia pudding:


This is similar to overnight oats and you can simply swap the oats for chia seeds or even just add them in as well. Chia seeds are the newest superfood that has become a popular choice. It supplies omega 3 as well as keeping you full for longer throughout the day. This protein filled seed can be found at many supermarkets and does not have to be expensive as shops such as Aldi are now stocking them. So simply fill a jar with your favourite type of milk, spices such as cinnamon and let the seeds expand overnight in the fridge to give you a creamy guilt-free pudding for breakfast.

  1. Smoothie:

This is a breakfast I am sure everyone seeks out when trying to live life a little healthier. But instead of loading up in the morning on five high sugar filled fruits why not pick two or three and opt for adding a protein powder or even a nut butter for that kick of protein. This will give your drink a smoother taste as well as something new to try to keep you from getting bored throughout the week. Mix up the choice of fruits you would typically choose in the shops, this will keep your breakfast interesting and new to your tastebuds and give you something to look forward to trying in the mornings.

  1. Healthy Pancakes:


These pancakes have got to be my new favourite as who doesn’t love have pancakes for breakfast, especially guilt-free ones. With only three main ingredients these pancakes are not only delicious but also very quick to make. You will only need 1 egg, a banana and a nut better of your choice or milk. Feel free to to increase the quantities as the standard measurements should make at least three medium sized pancakes. Once you’ve mashed the banana add the other ingredients as well as any other ingredients such as nuts, chocolate chips or fruit. Then you would cook them as you would do normal pancakes on the hob and they taste just as good as regular pancakes!

Featured image: https://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/peach-ginger-and-blueberry-overnight-oats.html