A University of Liverpool student has set up a petition seeking reimbursement for cancelled tuition as a result of lecturer strikes.

This week it was announced that members of the UCU, University and College Union, will be taking strike action from the end of February until mid-March. The strike will last 14 days and affect 61 universities, including the University of Liverpool. The action comes after changes to the USS, Universities Superannuation Pension Scheme, included a pension reduction for staff of £10,000 per year.

Ying Tang, a Law student at the University of Liverpool, has started a petition in response to this. Tang is calling for students to be reimbursed for the missed tuition during the strike days, which would amount to more than £1000. Her campaign, which started on Thursday afternoon, has gained over 1000 signatures at the time of writing.

In an email sent to students on Tuesday, Vice-Chancellor Dame Janet Beer said ‘Please be assured that we will work hard to ensure that the impact on you is kept to a minimum. Our planning group includes representation from the Guild of Students and we will be in touch shortly with details of the measures we will be putting in place to mitigate the impact of any action on our students.’

Beer has not yet addressed the petition or made any suggestion of compensation in anticipation of the impact the strikes will have on students at the University.

Speaking to The Sphinx, Tang revealed why she felt so strongly about the situation:

I started this petition after having a conversation with a good friend about the strike and came to the realisation that we would be losing out on 2 weeks of education that we have paid for. 2 weeks out of 9 weeks up to the Easter break is a significant portion of our academic time that we will never get back. These 2 weeks of work will not be covered at all and this will affect our academic performance massively. I, along with most of my peers, have paid for quality education, and this is one of the many reasons we come to this university.’

‘I created this with the hope that it would bring awareness of the situation as there has been a lack of communication and information provided by the university. This is also to show that we stand for our academics and are extremely appreciative of the education we receive from them, but also our rights as students should be taken into account. I would like Vice Chancellor Professor Dame Janet Beer to release a statement telling us what is going on and what is going to be done about it.’

To view or sign the petition, please click here.