Love Thy Neighbour is a dynamic, modern and unique venue which is located along Bold Street in Liverpool. The atmosphere of the location was very relaxed, with soft pink lighting, smooth music and kind customer service from the baristas and waitresses. Love Thy Neighbour prides themselves on making people feel good. They can host for an array of parties, showers, private dining and experiences etc. which makes for the perfect place and service of any occasion!


I visited Love Thy Neighbour with a friend for a late afternoon snack where we ordered sweet potato and halloumi fries alongside our drinks of pressed apple juice and hot chocolate. The sweet potato fries were served on a large plate dressed with a tahini sauce and pickles. The vegan snack was well presented, piping hot and very tasty – more than enough for two people to share. Our other side dish was halloumi fries which were topped with salt and pepper spices. These were equally as lovely, the halloumi was perfectly cooked and nicely garnished.

My friend ordered a fresh pressed apple juice, which according to their menu is packed full of vitamins A, C and B6. I ordered the hot chocolate which was presented on a wooden board, in a small glass and patterned elegantly with a chocolate powder. It was very chocolatey and at the perfect drinking temperature. For what was a quick afternoon snack, £14.15 was a very reasonable bill to be sharing between two people. My friend and I would most defiantly return to Love Thy Neighbour, but we would look to make a night of it and go out for an evening meal and try from their unique cocktail menu!

Love Thy Neighbour’s menus are available on their website as well as bookings for events or tables. They can be found at 108 Bold Street, Liverpool.

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