A recent survey by ‘Itsu’ has revealed some key insights into the way millennials (people aged between 16-24 years old) eat, their patterns, knowledge of food and cooking.

The main discoveries of this survey found that half of millennials now skip home-cooked meals, blaming ‘lack of free time’, 72.6% of millennials wished that they were more adventurous in the kitchen and over half (57.9%) of millennials admitted that lack of time restricted the variety in their diet at home. Lack of time is a big issue especially for working people in a day to day job or being a student.

From a student’s perspective, we have a lot to be juggling at once. Early morning lectures, long days, deadlines, societies, part time job and actually having the chance to chill out and socialise can become very stressful! This supports another finding as over half (51.3%) of millennials admitted to only having a maximum of 30 minutes to cook in the evenings. 30 minutes as the maximum is quite a short space of time to be able to create a balanced meal, taking into account people’s level of ability to cook, it may take longer for others to be able to produce a home cooked meal.

I can almost guarantee that every day at University I have forgotten to defrost food such as meat meaning I fail to prepare meals for the evening. This tends to leave me rummaging around the ready meal sections in supermarkets, due to their low price and convenience. Which would then further support the statement of wishing I was more adventurous in the kitchen. With lack of time, going to the shops to buy fresh ingredients, cook, wash up etc. it brings out the lazy side to most. If time became effectively managed, millennials would find it easier to make better meal choices rather than relying on ready meals or a non-home cooked meals.

‘Itsu’ discovered that over ½ of millennials (51.3%) lacked the confidence to be adventurous with Asian flavours in the kitchen. Asian cooking is becoming increasingly popular in today’s culture, chain restaurants such as Wagamama’s has boomed since its launch in 1992, spreading across the UK with over 120 restaurants! The survey supports the fact that millennials want to be able to replicate their favourite restaurant food in the kitchen (Over two thirds, 70.7%) – so why do they lack such confidence to cook? UK millennials are living in a time of a culturally diverse society but obstacles preventing those being adventurous with new foods  continues to prove to be a time consuming issue due to their busy schedules.

Information provided: new survey from itsu [grocery]

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