Irish pop-rock band The Script’s fifth album Freedom Child was released on the 1st September 2017. Their new album strays from the expected rock feel that fans have come to know, rather it falls into a more confident sound of positivity and defiance. There has been a combination of both positive and negative reviews on the album but you wouldn’t have thought negative views were possible after attending The Script’s concert at Echo Arena on Monday 12th February.

The special guest Ella Eyre did an impressive job of warming up the audience with her most famous songs such as ‘Waiting All Night’ and ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’. Her enthusiastic and youthful performance excited the crowd getting them ready for the main show.

The Script started their show in the middle of the audience on a raised platform singing ‘Superhero’ loudly and with confidence. The Script sang and played a mixture of their new album like ‘Rain’, ‘No Man Is An Island’, ‘Rock The World’ and ‘Arms Open’ and old favourites including ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’, ‘Nothing’ and ‘Hall of Fame’. The comeback single ‘Rain’ went down brilliantly with fans holding their umbrellas in the air. But the highlight of the performance for me was the acapella version of ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’The atmosphere in the arena was electric and the energy was heightened even more when Danny O’Donoghue sang his way through the crowds serenading fans. Danny O’Donoghue explained how the band wanted to “get back to our busking days”. They then sang ‘Hey Jude’ in recognition of being in the home of The Beatles.

Light shows, graphics, confetti and fireworks delighted the eager crowd. Their crowd-pleasing and engaging performance left fans screaming for more as they left the stage on their final song with the bright green confetti that fell over the crowd. But it was only minutes later that the band reappeared after a persistent audience demanded more. They played three more songs including ‘Breakeven’ and ‘Hall Of Fame’

The Script are currently on tour playing at the O2 Arena in London February 23rd which has been sold out. However, there are tickets available for the following date on the 24th February. They are then set to perform around Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Scotland and Ireland.

The Script released their new album Freedom Child on the 1st September 2017.

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