Have you been wanting to eat something different and “cerealously” great for quite some time? Well, fear not folks! The new cereal board game cafe, Tiny Rick’s, located in Grand Central on Renshaw Street, might be just the place for you!

As you walk down the stairs into the basement of Grand Central, you can’t miss this new up and coming eating place- the decor makes you feel like a little kid in a candy shop! I mean, what other cafe in Liverpool serves and labels your table number on a classic VHS movie case such as Indiana Jones or Spiceworld, and has lampshades made out of Monopoly money notes? Hashtag aesthetic goals! This is an excellent and innovative way of Tiny Rick’s differentiating itself from other eating places that are currently on the food and drink market.

When it comes to the cereal cocktails served, you can choose from a cool variety of options named after some of your favourite films. Options include, ‘Nobody Puts Bananas in the Corner,’ filled with weetabix and banana minis as well as nutella, designed to sweep you off your feet faster than one of Johnny’s mambos in Dirty Dancing. ‘Frost Gordon,’ full of frosted shreddies , frosties, mini marshmallows and party rings, will make you want to shout “GO FROST GO!” like you’re in Flash Gordon. Then there’s my personal favourite, ‘Death by Oreo,’ an irresistibly tasty bowl of s’mores, crushed oreos and freddo faces. The clue is in the name of the dish, so it’s definitely a great “cereal killer!”

You can also add a cup of tea, or coffee, or hot chocolate with your cereal, and put a Boomerang video of you pouring the milk on your Instagram? You know you want to! Especially because these aren’t just rare, wonderful types of cereals from the U.K and the U.S, but from other countries around the world like South Africa.

When you’ve finished guzzling your cereal, there’s plenty of choices of board games for you and your friends to play while listening to the variety of tunes that Tiny Rick’s plays, including Shania Twain, Duran Duran, NSYNC and everything in between. ‘Obama Lllama,’ ‘Cluedo,’ ‘Pacman,’ the list goes on, making Tiny Rick’s a great new place for families. It’s a great place for students too, especially seeing as the cafe has a number of student deals and various board game rental offers coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for all of this information which will appear on Tiny Rick’s official Instagram page very soon!

One thing is for sure, I will definitely be coming back to Tiny Rick’s to experience ‘Death by Oreo’ again, or another cereal cocktail. And you guys should experience it too!