In last weeks election, 5655 of you (around 21.1% of the student body) cast your votes in the Student Officer election. This is down from last year where 6424 votes were cast (26.88% of the student body). The lower turnout this year may, in part, be a result of the ongoing UCU strikes, meaning less students will have been on campus during campaign week.

Rory Hughes, the only incumbent candidate, will become the new Guild President with 1059.8 votes overall. Last year he was one of the two Vice-Presidents, but has now moved to the top spot.

Joining him as Student Officers will be Jonathon Foster (1044 votes), Esther Bukoye (886) and Hannah Nguyen (795.25). Due to the voting system, Hannah Nguyen came 2nd and will be Deputy President with Esther Bukoye (3rd) and Jonathon Foster (4th) as Vice-Presidents.

The rest of the results are as follows:

5th – Lucy Pilling
6th – Noura Qusairy
7th – Farrah Talsi
8th – Aaron Furman
9th – Joe Ferguson
10th – Tor Smith
11th – Mary Otasowie
12th – Alice Arnstein
13th – Emma Hart
14th – Ruth Ransom

The Guild have provided election statistics which breakdown the voter demography. Overall more women voted than men – 23.06% to 18.66 – although the gender of 30.88% of voters was unknown. The statistics also show how different societies voted, for instance 75% (78 members) of Labour Students, of which Rory Hughes is former Chair, as well as 55% (89 members) of Help the Homeless Society, which Hannah Nguyen currently chairs.

Following the result, Rory posted on his campaign page “I’m incredibly excited to finish off my work from this year, alongside my brilliant other current Guild Officers, particularly taking on Arriva for their extortionate bus fares, getting Student Media more Guild resources and supporting students and workers in the ongoing UCU pensions dispute.”

The Guild have also released a full results breakdown:

The Voting System Explained:

The Guild use a version of STV (single transferable vote), which is designed to achieve a high degree of proportional representation. Each candidate is ranked according to the voters’ preference. Candidates move onto the next ‘elimination stage’ depending on how many 1st preference votes they receive, and then 2nd preference and 3rd and so forth… until the candidate with the most overall preference votes wins (the President) and the next 3 candidates are elected as SOs.

This means, for instance, that while Esther Bukoye received the 2nd highest amount of first preference votes, she came 3rd overall. It also means that while Lucy Pilling came 8th for first preference votes, overall she finished 5th.

The results were announced in Mountford Hall of the Guild on Friday 9th March alongside the Hope University Student Officer Results.

Rory Hughes (right) on results night

Jonathon Foster (middle)

Esther Bukoye and Noura Quasairy