Want to be more involved in a society? Want to add something impressive to your CV? It’s that time of year again- AGM’s are coming around for societies!

Many societies will be holding their Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) with many interesting positions available. Whether it’s a charitable society (e.g. Uni Boob Team), sports teams (e.g. Badminton), the arts (e.g. Dance Society), or media (e.g. The Sphinx)- any position of responsibility would be a great experience, and look impressive to an employer!

Each societies opportunities will differ from president and committee members, to team captains or editors! If attained, the positions will require extra work and commitment beyond regular meetings or training sessions. There are also more fun roles available to bring out the party planning side to you such as with social secretary, or focusing on the social media aspects of the societies. Whatever role you’re looking for, whether it’s a more serious role, or a more fun role, the AGM’s is the time for you to go for it and express your interest and skills!

For some of those societies partaking in online elections, nominations will be underway until 2nd March, with elections being held next week (5th-9th March). The next round of online elections will begin with AGM’s being held 16th-20th April. Each societies date and time will be different so make sure to enquire with the one you’re interested in! Nominations will run 23-27th April with elections occurring the following week 30th April- 4th May.

Alternatively, societies will hold their AGM’s at any point until July and partake in a ballot format to elect the following years committee and roles.

Enquire with the society you’re interested in to help get more involved in the running of the society next year!