Feeling creative?

The University of Liverpool’s second Creative Writing Showcase is set to take place May 1st, after it’s overwhelming debut in 2017. Whether you’re a literature lover, closet poet, or eager to witness some raw talent on an inspiring platform, this event is bound to encourage and entertain creatives, writers, and readers alike.

The showcase will be held in the School of the Arts Library, on the first floor of 19 Abercromby Square, and is completely free to all who register tickets. The event starts at 5:15pm, in which the first of the 10 voluntary readers will begin their creative writing performance. Each student will have approximately 5 minutes to perform anything literature based, from poetry, to prose, to everything and anything in between. Five of these ten slots have already been filled, so if you want to get involved the time is now! You don’t have to be an English student, a professional creative writer, or to have performed original work before, you just need enthusiasm and a love for what you want to share.

You don’t need to perform in order to attend either, you are welcome to come along and witness budding writers being recognised for their talent, and even support fellow students or friends who share similar interests to you.

The event will finish around 7pm, in which all will be able to enjoy free wine and refreshments over some literary chat. There is also an open invitation to the pub for a chance to share ideas or continue further literature talks afterwards.

This is the perfect platform and opportunity to mingle and get your work recognised on campus, as well as get your work published as part of this years publication of students’ work.

After it’s success last year, you won’t want to miss this years Creative Writing Showcase, whether you perform or attend as a spectator.

Any questions, email either:

Emma Walker: E.Walker3@student.liverpool.ac.uk

Thomas Kaye: hstkaye@liverpool.ac.uk

Register tickets at:



Featured image courtesy of Lucy Wynne