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Where do I begin with a $400 million, two and a half hour film, featuring no less than 76 characters, and tying together Marvel Universe story-lines that have been ten years in the making? In fact, even to simply call Avengers: Infinity War a film feels like a disservice; rather, it is a historic cinematic event. The high pressure and expectation that comes with such a label certainly did not affect the Russo Brothers’ direction. They have masterfully crafted a display of superhero splendor hitherto unseen on the big screen.

What impressed me most is the clever interweaving of each of the many plot-lines and subplots. With an aforementioned 76 characters appearing, the movie should feel overcrowded and too complex for even the most studious Marvel fan to comprehend, let alone an average moviegoer. Instead the opposite is the case: the story manages to pass as a standalone in the Marvel Universe, meaning it can be watched and understood without needing to go through all of the other Marvel films beforehand. The various plot-lines also lead to new superhero groups and mini-groups being formed. Unlikely but enjoyable partnerships are developed as a result, such as Thor and Starlord, or Iron Man and Doctor Strange. These encounters lead to the bulk of the movie’s humour, which Marvel is known for incorporating.

My one criticism is that occasionally some great one-liners get lost in the busyness of the narrative (such as Thor saying he took an elective in Groot’s language in Asgard), but the majority of them will have you laughing out loud. If comedy isn’t your thing, however, then the movie also delivers on emotional impact from its beginning to its end, with some franchise favourites being put into the firing line. All the while, the picture itself is visually fantastic, particularly the space scenes showcasing the different planets and galaxies that we all enjoyed visiting so much in Guardians of the Galaxy. As one of the most expensive films ever made, the special effects and CGI really deliver and impress.

Even if you aren’t keen on Marvel, or you prefer DC, or if you don’t like superheroes, or even films themselves, Avengers: Infinity War is still a must-watch, if only for the pure jam-packed joy it will bring you.