I sat with Manchester based Social Media Influencer, Dancer and Blogger Laurie Elle and chatted to her about all things fashion and beauty. Sitting in a coffee shop in Manchester’s Northern Quarter I learned her skin care secrets, chatted about her make-up range and all about what she wants to do with her social media presence.

First a little background on Laurie on those of you who don’t know who she is. Since a young age she has been addicted to dancing, her main dance style is ‘Street Dance’, which she still dedicates a lot of her time to. She has also had the chance to meet with many famous choreographers during her years of dancing including Kenny Ortega (best known for directing the High School Musical Trilogy, Hocus Pocus and Michael Jackson’s This Is It) . Her interest in fashion and beauty led her to created her blog and YouTube channel back in 2012, where she shares her current fashion and beauty faves. Not only does Laurie create fashion and beauty based videos (monthly favourites and look books), she also showcases her dancing talent with dance covers. She boasts an astonishing 30.4k on her Instagram @laurieelle and 12k subscribers on YouTube.


What content do you aspire to create? What would you label your content mainly as?

‘’I do a lot of fashion and beauty content. I have an interest in it but I’m not professional. I aim to do relatable fashion and beauty videos for people like me, I’m quite natural in my make up ways. For fashion, I look at the trends at them moment and see how I can adapt it everyday. I’d label my content mainly as a little bit of everything! I do dance, fashion, fitness and make up. My channel is very diverse so I have quite a mixed audience ranging from 12 to 21 years, depending on the platform I use (YouTube or my blog) I create different types of content’’


INSTAGRAM: @laurieelle

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a content creator? Would you label yourself as a content creator or something else?

‘’I think the most rewarding thing is getting feedback and comments from followers, especially when it’s positive. It makes you realise people are enjoying what you make and it inspires them. I’d label myself a content creator, but also an influencer, many people refer to me as an influencer. I prefer content creator though, influencers sounds weird, it has a lot of weight to it! I’m just a normal gal.’’

Back in November, you launched a make-up line with Beauty Crush? Did you have a lot of creative control and how important was this to you?

‘’Beauty Crush were very free with what I wanted to choose. I got to choose the products, packaging, branding and design. I had weeks of receiving sample products until I agreed on the final product. I also got my followers involved, as they voted on my Instagram for the packaging they most liked. After all, I wouldn’t want to sell something I didn’t like, I wanted to put my name on something I was proud of ’’

INSTAGRAM: @laurieellle

The infamous question: if could only have one make up product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

‘’ It would be mascara, I like having long lashes and it makes you look more awake. I literally could just wear a bare face with just mascara. My favourite mascara at the moment is an Armani one, it makes my them extra-long, doesn’t smudge and stays there all day’’

Any skincare secrets?

‘’Wash your make-up of everyday, moisturise and drink water! Products are good but I think these are the most effective ways to get good skin.’’

When travelling what are your essentials you always take that are unique to you (not including things like suncream, toothpaste etc…)

‘’I always take my camera (obviously, I’m a blogger!). I always take MORE outfit changes than I need, then I can get more Instagram pictures and blog pictures. I take mostly normal stuff that everybody else takes. I try not to go over the weight allowance, so I’ve got more space to bring other stuff back from my trip.’’

What’s your must have fashion accessory and make up product?

‘’My must-have fashion accessory is a coat, because I live in Manchester and it’s freezing. But it has to be sporty so it can match it to my outfits I wear for dance. My must-have make-up product is a rosy blush, I’ve used ‘desert-rose’ by MAC most of my life, I love it. I also use my own blush shade in my cheek trio pallet, it’s matte, pigmented and gives that perfect pink flush to your cheeks.’’

You’ve had a passion for dancing since a young age, what’s your favourite brand of athletic clothing?

‘’Oooo, I don’t have a specific brand, I wear what’s most comfortable. Obviously, I love Nike and Adidas. I can pretty much wear anything because of the style of dance I do, which is street dance. I combine everyday clothes with athletic wear- which is called athlesuire’’

INSTAGRAM: @laurieelle


Who’s your fashion style icon? What do you like about their style?

‘’I don’t have a specific person. I just go on Instagram and scroll. My favourite instagrammer right now is @lissyroddyy , I love her outfits ! She puts together outfits that I would never dream of working together. I just love her aesthetic.’’

A big thank you to Laurie Elle for taking her time out to chat with us!

You can follow her on social media accounts here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurieelle/?hl=en

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lauriesvids

Blog: http://www.laurieelle.com