The beloved Carnatic Student Village is to close its doors to students in June 2019. From Morton to Lady Mountford, it has always had a love/hate relationship with its students. From the 699 journeys into town, chips for tea every night and the Carnatic field in the summer, it will always have a special place in student’s hearts.

The decision to close Carnatic Student Village comes from the University’s commitment to update its residential accommodation. The scheme began in 2010 with Vine Court opening in 2012, followed by Crown Place in 2014 and Greenbank Student Village just last year. The scheme is due to conclude in September 2019 with more accommodation opening at Greenbank Student Village and the closing of Carnatic Student Village in 2019.

Image provided by student Willow Appleby

Carnatic Student Village has held host to thousands of students over the years. Carnatic Hall was originally purchased by the University in 1947 to be used as the University of Liverpool Museum. The museum and hall were demolished in 1964 to make way for the renowned Carnatic Hall of Residence which we all know and love today. The University of Liverpool had committed to keep Carnatic Student Village open until 2019, with it recently announcing the planned closure post-June 2019.

Head of Accommodation for the University, Lee Rawlinson, commented on the announcement:

“Carnatic has welcomed thousands of students to the University over the years and will no doubt hold special memories for many. Although we know that, on the whole, students enjoy their experience at Carnatic Student Village, increasingly we find that prospective students have a preference for other types of university accommodation.”

Students have expressed their sadness at the recent announcement, reminiscing on how sociable the halls were and how it be missed by incoming students in the years to come.

For the full announcement on the future of Carnatic Student Village see below: