Lovely weather we’re having at the moment isn’t it? Don’t listen to the loons who think Climate Change isn’t a thing. Winter started on the 1st of September and lasted until Summer started yesterday. I’m not 100% sure when I last saw a blue sky, so recent events have me giddy with excitement. So giddy in fact that I decided to eat outside. Having failed to get an outdoor spot at Free State Kitchen last night, I was even more determined.

“We only have tables on our patio free at the moment guys” we were told by the helpful staff, “No problem” I answered. However, a problem fast became evident as it was absolutely freezing in the shade. Uncomfortably cold. Too cold. Honestly, I think it was unkind to have put us in such a cold location. It was at this time I began to think, maybe the Free State Kitchen wasn’t for me. Jokes I had made about the name and my opposition to the way the Irish Free State had abandoned people like me in the north, perhaps my nonsense was actually correct for once.

Thankfully, just after we ordered, a table in the sun became free and I’m not sure if they have world records for 10yd walks but if they do then my word we must have broken that record. I couldn’t have cared less if the Pope himself wanted table, it was freezing and I saw it first Francis mate. This did lead to a conversation between me and my mate Dan about patio furniture. An agreement was reached that we think they’re pointless given the typical weather in the British Isles, however on days like this you’d be fuming if you didn’t have any. “Big Outdoor Furniture” are no mugs, we’ve been concerned about banks, Oil Companies and the Military Industrial Complex to think about the true predatory capitalists threatening our society. I’m not saying I’d change the party I voted for if someone else proposed legislation around sensible outdoor furniture pricing, but it’s certainly something I’d consider.

I availed of the student offer and ordered a Burger, Fries, Onion Rings and Coke for a tenner. A TENNER! Like a drum with no sides, you couldn’t beat it. Through in the nice weather, atmosphere and Arcade Fire on the speakers meant we were onto a winner. The food was very tasty and quite filling, but the key selling point of the Free State Kitchen is it’s outdoor area. I would probably still return to sit inside, but it wouldn’t quite be the same.

Both me and my mate Dan were absolutely flabbergasted however by the fact that half of the outdoor area isn’t actually part of the Free State Kitchen, this is someone’s the “outdoor space” of the flats on the adjacent Hope Street. This felt a little bit voyeuristic, and if the sign telling us not to sit there I’d have had no idea we were effectively sat in someones back garden.

I would strongly recommend visiting here the next time we have nice weather, however be wary of sitting on the shaded patio, you will be freezing. It genuinely did feel quite idyllic and you would never be able to tell you’re in the heart of one of Britain’s biggest cities such was the serenity and laid back atmosphere.