Spend It is one of the most highly anticipated events that is held by the Guild. In the early evening of the 11th April, multiple representatives from more than 25 societies registered and came along to Mountford Hall to hear the bids in the final Spend It of this academic year.

Bidding for the money were the Dance Society, Surgical Scousers and Liverpool Wilderness Medical Society. Dance Soc were bidding for two portable mirrors to help them with their competition preparation to give next year’s members a head start;  Surgical Scousers bid for a huge £2,500 for an experience that twenty of their members would benefit from, in the form of a trauma surgery skills training day; and Wilderness Soc put their bid in for trauma equipment that would be used with immediate effect.

After a short deliberation, and questions for each representative, a decision was made.

The Dance Society were awarded an increased amount of £990 for three portable mirrors, on the basis that all performing arts societies would have access to the mirrors when needed for their own rehearsals, be they in Mountford Hall or the Dance Studio.

For the Surgical Scousers, after facing some questions regarding the limited amount of people benefitting from their bid, in comparison to other Spend It applications; which they were somewhat unprepared for, they are set to receive the amount that they asked for. However, the terms for their funding were that they are to ensure that the amount of people benefitting from the funding was maximised and more than the initially suggested twenty members of their society.

The final bidders, the Wilderness Society, were awarded their requested bid of £1210. Although they are to check if some of the equipment is available through other societies already, they are set to receive the money which will help them to continue with their pursuits right up until the end of the academic year, and from the start of the next academic year, meaning no delays for next year’s members.

The final Spend It of the year was successful for all those involved, and a set a positive precedent for future societies to get involved with.

Spend It is a great way to get involved with the Guild, meet new society members, and be at the forefront of making a difference to benefit the student body as a whole. Whether it be a long-term benefit, or a bid that can be shared amongst the societies, Spend It is an experience worth attending.

Check the Guild’s website out for more details on Spend It, and how your society can get involved next year: https://www.liverpoolguild.org/main-menu/societies/get-funding .