A day dedicated to celebrating eating exactly what you want. The day is held annually on the 11th May so fill your cupboards and have your order ready for tomorrow’s food fest. It gives everyone a chance to put down their celery and carrot sticks and opt for a cheeky cheat meal. The media constantly bombards us with the pressures of a ‘perfect body’ and how we need to get ‘summer ready’ but during this stressful period of looming exams and endless deadlines, do you ever just fancy devouring a large pizza or that chocolate bar you’ve had your eye on for days? Healthy eating is very important and we do not condone every day to be treated as though it were eat what you want day (although that might sound very appealing) we think, especially for students, treating yourself to all your favourites sounds like a tasty Friday to us.

Eat what you want day is a refreshing change from all the crazy diets and expectations to avoid the foods we really want. This unofficial holiday allows food lovers to take one day out of their life to guiltlessly indulge in delicious food. Don’t worry about the calories and just for one day enjoy what you want to eat. Eat all the treats you’ve saved up at home or head over to your favourite restaurant and pig out with friends and family, whatever way you decide to celebrate this glorious day remember you have the perfect excuse just for one day so eat up!

Featured image: https://nationaltoday.com