Apps are constantly trying to cater for our every need and want, and safety is just another box that app builders are attempting to tick. This is where One Scream comes in. A new personal safety app for women and teenage girls, One Scream has been designed for peace of mind with its innovative use of voice activation, which can detect panic screams even from the bottom of your bag. A panic scream, louder and more complex than any other, is detected by the app, which triggers an alert and then goes onto message your name and location to the person you choose for support. The plan is that eventually One Scream will be able to connect to 999. The app’s founder, Uta de Veer, created One Scream after receiving numerous emails from her children’s school, regarding mothers who had been robbed during their school runs. This exposed an important question: What can women do in situations when reaching for their phones is not an option? One Scream aims to provide a sense of security to women living or walking alone. Although it can’t prevent crime, it sends for help FAST if you’re in trouble. Currently, the app is available for iPhone users (an Android app is currently in development) and is only available in the UK, although it is hoped the app will be successful enough to launch internationally. For more information on One Scream, click here.

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