The University of Liverpool Library has  tweeted warning students of valuables going missing in the library.

As students, we are notorious for leaving our desks filled with belongings to have casual chats in the downstairs foyer, to pop to the nearest Tesco for lunch, or even leaving the area entirely to attend a lecture or seminar. During this busy time filled with looming deadlines and revision, belongings are bound to be left unattended for short periods of time, and it looks as if certain student(s) have taken advantage of this, as a laptop has allegedly gone missing.

Students were made aware of this midday, as the University of Liverpool official twitter account urged people to be careful leaving bags or other possessions unattended.


Tweets from the University of Liverpool Library Twitter Account.

A policemen was called to the Sydney Jones, which gained a lot of attention from students who were concerned as to why he was patrolling.

Whether you frequently do your work in the Sydney Jones, or in other study areas on campus, it’s best to keep your valuables close, as it  is currently unclear whether this was an isolated incident or whether there have been multiple cases of theft reported.