Did you take the pledge this January to go vegan? The initiative launched in 2014 to encourage people to give the vegan diet a go. But how many of you have continued past the month of January and made it to May? If any you are wishing you had taken this chance then make the switch today. The good news is that there are lots of reasons to go vegan and so much support and advice for anyone wanting to make the switch. The Sphinx has listed the top 10 reasons why we think you should choose the vegan lifestyle and how beneficial it can be to your health, animals, the world and even your social media.

10 great reasons to go vegan now

1. Time to get fit and healthy- improve your digestive system, boost your mood and get glowing skin

Going vegan is a lifestyle change not just a diet change. It forces you to properly pay attention to the food you are buying, cooking and eating. Being vegan helps people to become more aware about what ingredients are in their meals whether this be dining out, ordering takeaways or shopping at your local store. Choosing a vegan diet can help you loose weight so this is a great way if you are looking to shed a few pounds for the summer months. Some scientists have even said it could help you live longer by reducing the risk of heart-disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. It can also help prevent obesity and can have positive effects on those that suffer with arthritis-symptoms. You will have plenty of protein in your diet as a vegan so much so even bodybuilders have opted for this change. Protein can be found in spinach, lentils, beans and tofu. So, don’t listen to the myths that seem to follow vegans everywhere.

2. A chance to get your cook on

So, you’re worried you’ll have to give up hamburgers, hotdogs, ice-cream and chocolate? Well stop worrying and enjoy the freedom to discover new and healthy options to eat. Vegan food really is delicious. With the demand for vegan food skyrocketing there has never been a better time go vegan. More and more brands and supermarkets are stocking vegan options such as alternative milks like almond or hemp, ‘Quorn’ meals and dairy free products made from coconut oil or olive oil instead. And even better news is that you are probably in one of the best city’s in the UK to be vegan. There are amazing high quality restaurants, takeaways and bars that are either completely vegan or have lots of yummy vegan options. Pizzerias offer vegan cheese, Starbucks has soya milk and lots of other types and burger joints are offering bean burgers which is really improving from the typical salad vegans were subjected to.  If you want more advice on places to visit head over to our food and drinks page where there’s more tips and reviews especially dedicated to vegan and veggie food.


3. Showing compassion and kindness to other sentient beings- there is no such thing as humane farming

There is no ethical way to kill a living being. We are taught that animals are raised for food and we think of them as nameless and faceless herds. But farm animals are unique sentient beings that have personalities and emotions just like dogs and cats. Society has taught us that the practice of killing animals for food is ‘normal’ but its time to question whether this is really true. With so many ways to avoid this cruelty everyone can make a change and go vegan now. Guilt free food that is very tasty and healthy, what’s not to love?

4. The egg and dairy industry causes harm to animals too

It is a common misconception that no animals are harmed in the production of eggs and dairy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A hen naturally produces on average 10-15 eggs per year but domesticated chickens have been genetically manipulated to produce between 250-300 eggs annually. Most chickens used for eggs are confined to cages so small they can barely spread their wings. Similarly, dairy farming relies on the exploitation of female reproduction. Milk is only produced in mammals to feed and nourish their young. On dairy farms, calves are removed from their mothers in a matter of hours after the birth so that humans can take the milk intended for them. Whereas, male calves are killed for veal or kept and raised for cheap beef. At the end of the day you aren’t a baby cow so why do you drink their milk?

5. Meat is gross 

Meat is often contaminated because of the antibiotics and artificial hormones that are used in livestock to make them grow faster and to prevent disease. As well as a whole host of other toxins we don’t even realise we are eating. This contamination isn’t just found in meat, unfortunately it can be found in dairy, eggs and fish too. The mercury found in fish can have harmful effects on your nervous system because it is a toxin to human. Different fish have varying levels of mercury in them. E. coli outbreaks and food poisoning are just some of the negative impacts we experience from our obsession with meat.


6. Save the environment 

Forget about energy saving light bulbs and electric cars – it’s all about a vegan diet. Agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Rearing livestock for animal-based products require more water, land and energy than producing meat free alternatives. Animal products are also a waste of resources, it takes more water to produce a beef burger than it does to produce a soya-based alternative. Eating meat also contributes to deforestation which has harmful effects on climate change.

7. It makes for the perfect pic for all those Insta likes 

Let’s be honest vegan food is very photogenic. The bright colours and interesting ingredients makes for a very pretty picture. So, what a better way to get more likes and follows than by posting all your beautiful vegan creations online for the whole world to see and envy. With social media continually growing this is the best way to raise awareness and create a community for vegans miles and miles away. Sharing recipes, restaurants, tips and advice helps encourage people to take the challenge and make a difference with their diet.

8. We are not lions

The typical response to why some individuals have decided to not go vegan is that we are animals which means were are ‘meant’ to eat meat. In fact there really is no reason for humans to consume meat anymore. Yes, when we once lived in caves and granted meat was our only option but as life has advanced pretty far since those days maybe we need to reevaluate where we stand in the food chain. A well balanced vegan diet can provide all the nutrients humans need to stay healthy and thrive like protein, fibre and minerals without the bad things we find in meat.

9. Wildlife animals may be endanger 

Although millions of animals are killed every year for the food industry not many people know about the wildlife that are endangered because they are considered a threat to livestock. Predators such as wolves, bears and mountain lions are killed in order to protect the livestock industry. Non-target animals are also killed from traps and poisons such as eagles, badgers, ducks, turtles and otters.

10. It’s never been so easy

Head over to the website now to discover more things vegan from recipes, to advice on eating out and vegan myths by clicking the link here. It’s time to embrace the world of veganism and enjoy the wonders of a new cuisine. If going fully vegan is too difficult, stressful or challenging then try gradually eliminating certain products out of your diet. Start by reducing the amount of meat you eat and replace this with veggie options like chilli or bean burgers. The next step is to find alternatives and slowly introduce your body to new and exciting ingredients. Just like anything in life, take your time and ease into it.


Featured image: https://www.dr-schmiedel.de/macht-vegan-krank/