Yes the summer is finally here and hopefully that means lots of sunshine, beach days and cocktails near the pool… but one thing we cannot neglect is our health and beauty during the hot season. Here at the Sphinx we have put together a handy list of our summer favourites to help you stay looking fabulous in the heat. It is so important to protect your skin, hair and nails and even more so to trust in the products you decide to use.

Every year the heat and salt dries my hair, the suncream makes my skin oily and I buy an endless amount of different primers in the hope one will keep my make-up from sliding off my face. But every year the search gets harder and harder especially with all the products available to us now. To help my fellow beauty lovers out I have listed my top six summer saves that you will thank me for introducing you to… lets get started.

The ultimate hair saver is L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. If you are similar to me and suffer with an impossible amount of frizz during the warmer months then this hair product will help to tame it. I tend to use it after blow drying and straightening my hair as it helps to stop any frizz at the top of my head from ruining the final look.

I have tried and tested hundreds of moisturisers and trust me I am not exaggerating. Some can be too oily, some can be harsh on the skin and others take forever to absorb, but L’Oreal Hydra Moisturiser is just right… for me. Everyone has very different skin types which means a moisturiser that might work for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. This can make recommendations somewhat tricky. If you have a mixed skin type of oily and dry, as well as fairly sensitive skin and suffer from break outs, then this one might be for you. The cream is light and refreshing on the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated; it also has a cooling effect which is perfect for hotter nights.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is the best find of the year for me. I was a victim of make-up wipes that I found never really worked well enough to get off every bit of make-up and they were normally too harsh on my skin leaving it flushed red and itchy. Using micellar water with cotton pads easily removes heavy eye make-up and foundations leaving the skin clear and refreshed ready for the moisturiser. I have also noticed that this has helped to prevent any break outs, which would normally happen after wearing make-up. The large bottle costs £3.33 and has lasted me two months so far, which is pretty impressive, so there is no longer a need to be using endless amounts of make-up wipes.

Mac has once again come to my rescue this summer with their lipsticks and lipliners. Attending a wedding can be stressful, there’s making sure you have the right dress, shoes and hair style and it can become even more stressful when you’re attempting to pull off a red lip! You know you’ve got to get a product that you can trust to last you the day, so I chose MAC lipstick in Chili and a complimenting lip liner in Auburn. Compared to the other products this lipstick is the most expensive, but it is so worth it when you want to achieve a statement bold, red lip. Using the lipliner mark the outside of your lips and fill them in to enhance the overall finish, then just gently go over with the lipstick, making sure to not go outside the liner. The product has a matte finish, be aware it dries quickly so mistakes can’t be made or you’ll have to wipe it off and start all over again!

Although I barely touch make-up during summer, I know the importance of a primer. Primers vary in expense and quality but one primer that has kept its promise is from NYX. Their primer applies easily and leaves the skin smooth, evening out the texture as well as holding foundation and powders in place. I normally use the Studio Perfect Primer and Shine Killer, both from NYX, to protect my make-up during summer!

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