Being on campus late at night is often inevitable for many students, but what happens when it’s dark and you’re on your own? When you’ve got to walk back home on your own, and you’re not sure of your way in the dark? What happens when you worry someone might be following you? You could have to pay out for a taxi, and still not feel entirely safe. But there is an easy way to combat that sense of anxiety: contact campus security.

Last year, Campus Security got an update and introduced a chaperone service, for any students who feel unsafe travelling around campus alone, late at night. There are both male and female support chaperones on call 24/7 to offer you the reassurance and comfort you need. University can be a scary step for many people, so just remember you don’t have to face anything alone!

Campus Security aren’t only offering chaperoning services. On Friday 28th September, all students with bicycles will be able to get a free service, registration with the police and a breakfast treat in the Guild Street, provided by Campus Security. Keeping your bikes safe and in good condition can sometimes be difficult when on a budget.

Locking your bikes up has also just got cheaper: the Guild Shop is offering the recommended “D” locks half price. With all these offers available so soon, head down to the Welcome Fair to get advice. You won’t want to miss this great opportunity.

Campus Security have two representatives at a stall in Mountford Hall all day. They are offering safety rape alarm key-rings, purse and wallet alarm bells, anti-spiking bottle caps, torch key-rings and visibility bracelets, along with their breadth of knowledge about everything campus-based.

The Welcome Fair runs from 10am until 4pm this Friday in the Guild of Students. There is plenty of time to visit between lectures, on lunch breaks, or after a hangover cure breakfast.