“Hello and welcome to the Vegetarian and Vegan Society, or as we usually go by, VegSoc. Whether you are a devote vegan or thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan, this society is for you! It’s the perfect place to meet like-minded people, eat food, campaign and learn more about our planet and current issues!”

What’s new this year? 

This year VegSoc is investing in environmentally friendly membership cards which entitle members to great discounts at a selection of vegetarian/vegan restaurants and shops, along with priority/discounted tickets to all events hosted by the society. There will also be a guaranteed event every week, whether that’s a social or a talk.

Meet the 2018/19 committee: 

President – Philipp Woodward I am studying Biological and Medical Sciences and will be applying to Dentistry this year! Adopting a vegan diet in first year, nearly 3 years ago, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’ve become more and more passionate about sustainability. I plan to have lots of very interesting talks and debates this year to learn more about what we can do to reduce the impact of our diets on the environment.”

Vice-President – Christina Smith – I am studying English Literature in my third year. I have been vegan for one year and have been vegetarian my whole life previous to this. I went vegan after talking to the members of vegsoc last year and realising how easy it can be. I have chosen this lifestyle due to the fact there is no excuse for the unethical nature of the dairy and meat industries and it can’t be ignored any longer. To choose to not consume and to slowly change our lifestyles accordingly is the way forward.”

Secretary – Claudia Melenchon-CockerilI’m Claudia and a second year architecture student. I am an environmentalist and animal lover which is why I have been vegan over a year now. I was vegetarian for a year before I became vegan, and veganism has changed my perspective on lots of personal and global issues.”

Treasurer – Beth HuntI am a fourth-year veterinary student and I have been vegan for about 4 years now. My main focus is animal welfare and equality and I am super passionate about trying to change perspectives towards different species. I’m really excited to be on the committee again this year, we have some great ideas lined up!”

Campaign and Fundraising Officer – Alice KendrewI’m Alice and I’m studying 3rd year Politics. I’ve been vegan since January 2018 (Veganuary newbie!) but have been vegetarian for 2-3 years before that! Being interested in politics has led me to learning about our human impact on the environment and particularly the effect of animal agriculture. Campaigns and Charities are where the real action is to be found for me and I hope to work on influencing positive change locally in Liverpool and our world beyond for the better this year.”

General Committee Member – Abbey Brady-HoyleI’m 19, an Architecture student and have been a vegetarian for 6 nearly 7 years now, and the reason for my decision is that I’ve never been comfortable eating animals and knew it was wrong from a young age.”

Social Secretary – Afton McNamee

Upcoming events:

Friday 21st September – Welcome Fair stall

Tuesday 25th September – Welcome bar crawl

Tuesday 2nd October – Palm oil talk/discussion (TBC)

Tuesday 9th October – Food social (TBC)

Tuesday 16th October – Green Peace talk

If you are interested in the Vegsoc or fancy finding out more about what they have planned for the next year there are useful links below: 

To buy membership for the society click on the following the link – https://www.liverpoolguild.org/groups/vegetarian-and-vegan-society

Facebook group – Liverpool Uni Veg Soc,  https://www.facebook.com/groups/LiverpoolUniVegSoc/?ref=bookmarks

Facebook page – UoL Vegetarian and Vegan Society, https://www.facebook.com/VegSocUoL/

Instagram –  @vegsocliverpool

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/VegSocUoL/