With October being breast cancer awareness month, the Sphinx interviewed CoppaFeel: Uni Boob Team to find out about all things Breast Cancer Awareness related across campus.

What is the Uni Boob Team all about?

‘The Uni Boob Team represent the wider charity of CoppaFeel, which is attempting to eradicate late detection of breast cancer. We want to increase awareness of the early signs of breast cancer and encourage students to check their boobs and talk about it with their peers! The Uni Boob Team don’t offer medical advice, we just encourage students to be up, close and personal with their body for their own health. We are also all about fundraising on behalf of CoppaFeel in and around the university through fun events and sales.’

Why do we need to check our boobs?

‘In the UK, 1 in 8 women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime.  CoppaFeel’s research shows that younger women aged between 18-24 consistently check their boobs less than those aged 25-29 making the work we do at University vital. Men can also get breast cancer with 400 men being diagnosed every year so it’s so important we spread the message so everyone is aware of the risk. 

Many myths about breast cancer are out there. Less than 10% of breast cancer cases have a link to family history and research shows 27% of breast cancers are thought to be preventable through lifestyle choices like keeping alcohol consumption to the recommended limit and eating healthily. Our job is try and eradicate these myths and make sure people check their boobs!’

What are some things we should be aware of in relation to breast cancer awareness?

 1. Know what is normal for you! 

2. Many signs and symptoms are noticed by looking and feeling your boobs or pecs, so get to know them! This can be from changes in skin texture to lumps in the breast- see below for all the signs and symptoms CoppaFeel are making you aware of! 

Image from: https://coppafeel.org/your-boobs/ 

3. Check regularly- it should be a monthly habit so sign up to our free texts for a monthly reminder by texting LIV UBT to 70500! 

4. If in doubt check it out!

What ways do you increase awareness across campus?

 Anyone can sign up to free text alerts every month by messaging UBT LIV to  70500. They provide little fun reminders to check your boobs or pecks for any early symptoms. We have some events coming up which will mix being fun and informative by giving away free!

How can other students get involved in the society?

Membership is £3 on the Guild website and members can be as involved as they want to be, from signing up to the texts to attending our events to coming up with their own ideas! We have lots of exciting events, for both members and non-members, coming up from a stall at the Craft Fair, a bake sale and a collaboration event with Victoria Secret coming up in the second semester! Feel free to drop us a message on our Facebook page with any queries or ideas for fundraising!’

For more information, follow the Uni Boob Team’s Facebook page and Instagram.

You can find out more about the charity CoppaFeel here.


Featured Image: Liverpool Uni Boob Team Instagram