Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn teamed up with Bongo’s Bingo on Monday 24th September to deliver the Scouse Night festivities at Camp and Furnace. This event was part of Labour’s conference season stint in Liverpool from 23rd to 26th September, which has been followed by the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham over the weekend and into last week.

Speeches were given by Labour grandees from the North West, including Liverpool City mayor Joe Anderson, City Region mayor Steve Rotheram, Merseyside-born Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, and city councillor Elizabeth Hayden.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham on stage with Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram in the background.

The audience lapped up the words of praise and encouragement as speakers rallied the party faithful at this celebration away from the main conference.

To remind the attendees just what they were here for, the political references were traded for a lighter tone as Bongo’s Bingo were handed the reins. Music, lights and laughter took hold, and even a man with a crutch ended up dancing on stage, the most eager of them all.

Jeremy Corbyn stole the show with a rabble-rousing speech declaring Labour’s desire for a general election. We’re ready for it”, he said of the general election into which Labour may force the Tories. Corbyn is confident not just of retaining all their Merseyside seats, but also of winning Southport, the only constituency in the region not shaded red.

Corbyn proudly proclaimed: the reason we’ll win it is because we unite people, because we offer real hope to young people in our society, and because we’re serious about a society that cares for all. I don’t want to live in a country that walks by on the other side when there’s rough sleepers and the government that doesn’t care. I don’t want to live in country where so many children underachieving in school because they’re so badly housed and are unable to eat properly before they get to school itself. I want to live in a country that is proud to care for all people.”

A man with a crutch takes to the stage dancing during Bongo's Bingo

A man with a crutch takes to the stage dancing during Bongo’s Bingo

A stark contrast to the usual image of politics, Corbyn was in his element speaking to his followers with confidence and passion. The Labour Leader called out the first three numbers of the night, starting off the feisty game of bingo usually frequented by students.

Prizes included a cardboard cutout of TV personality Philip Schofield, everyone’s favourite household appliance Henry the Hoover, and a signed cutout of Jezza himself.

Mossley Hill councillor Elizabeth Hayden at Bongo's Bingo

Mossley Hill councillor Elizabeth Hayden






“Jeremy, will you sign Jeremy,” the party leader was asked by Jonny Bongo as he departed the stage during a chorus of Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

Theresa May closed the Conservative Party conference on Tuesday afternoon with a speech declaring that austerity is over, calling for unity, and blasting the Labour Party for abandoning its principles.

Both parties have seen their divisions over Brexit played out this conference season, and both party leaders have embraced a festive atmosphere. Theresa May again whipped out her widely mocked rhythm as she danced onto stage for her conference speech to the sound of Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’.


Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the crowd before Bongo's Bingo at Scouse Night

Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the crowd

A man holds up a red space hopper, one of the prizes for the night

A space hopper, one of the prizes for the night

Jeremy Corbyn delivers his speech to the Scouse Night audience at Bongo's Bingo

Jeremy Corbyn on fire during his Scouse Night speech


Featured image: Jeremy Corbyn calls out number 75 at Bongo’s Bingo