Last Friday, Tate Liverpool threw a party to allow visitors into the gallery after hours and see the new Op Art exhibition in a different light. I was able to attend and check out this display, whilst a DJ played fitting music in a contemporary style.

The exhibition showcases ‘Optical Art’ pieces. This movement originated in the 1960s and has a pop-art style with bright colours and eclectic designs. Tate Liverpool puts a new spin on this movement; the exhibition features work from contemporary artists such as Jim Lambie and Angela Bulloch. Lambie’s psychedelic flooring Zobop certainly takes centre stage at the Tate. Having taken hours to construct, the piece transforms the space into a full-scale optical illusion. This display, along with much of the exhibition, is very Instagrammable and you can get some fab pictures all around the gallery.

© Jim Lambie found on the Tate Liverpool website and YouTube page

The exhibition officially opened in July but following this welcome party it is now in full-swing and won’t be moving until 5 July 2020. But don’t delay your visit – this is one exhibition you don’t want to miss and if you beat the crowds you can upload your pics before anyone else! Additionally, the Op Art display features free ‘Make and Create Station’ workshops which are suitable for all ages to allow visitors to make their own Optical Art in an inspiring setting.

Entry to the Tate is completely free; you can even attend an ‘in focus’ talk which provides a quick and useful introduction to the display – these take place daily at 11.45am.

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