Some of these treats may surprise you that they can be vegan-ised. Just because you eat a plant-based diet or have allergies shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out on yummy snacks or feel awkward at parties. The suggestions below allow you to have the same party foods you know and love, but without a guilty conscience.

Popcorn Chicken with Mayo Dip:

This Asda meat free popcorn chicken priced at just £1.50 is the perfect party food, and with this brand new Hellman’s Vegan Mayo that launched in the UK on 24th September, your party guests won’t even be able to tell the difference.

Party Rings/Oreos:

It may surprise you to learn that these classic biscuits are both accidentally vegan.


Co-op Jam and Custard Donuts:

Although some donuts are not suitable for vegans, the Co-op has answered our prayers and both their jam and custard donuts are vegan. With 2 bags (5 donuts in each pack) regularly on offer for £1, it’s a cheap way of sharing a delicious treat with your friends, or secretly scoff them all to yourself!


The Chilli Heatwave and Lightly Salted flavour Doritos make the perfect party snack when dipped in hummus or any other condiment.

Jus-Rol Cinnamon Swirls: 

This sweet breakfast is the perfect hangover cure to give your friends the morning after a night out. Each pack makes 6 swirls, so bake them in the oven to make your house smell beautiful and fool everyone into thinking you’ve baked them yourself.

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