“The Liverpool University Film Society welcomes anybody with an interest in seeing a variety of films across a range of genres, nationalities and topics!”

What to expect from this year:

  • A Weekly screening followed by a discussion about the film
  • Film-themed parties
  • Cinema trips (e.g. for Bohemian Rhapsody)
  • A walking tour of Liverpool’s film locations with Reel Tours
  • Q&As with famous actors, directors and screenwriters
  • Nights out to film-themed bars and events
  • A chance to appear on a film-related podcast
  • The opportunity to meet fellow actors, directors and writers who want to make films too

Meet the Committee:

  • John Reynolds (Co-President)
  • Laura Nellis (Co-President)
  • Alice Kendrew (Secretary)
  • Iona Minty (Treasurer/Filmmaking)
  • Ellie Sheasby (Social Media/Social Sec)
  • Cameron Jay Knibbs (Film Discussions Chair)
  • Tom Marrs (Merchandising/Podcast)
  • Lewis Baines (General Committee member)
  • Martha Oultram (General Committee member)
  • Hakan Urquijo (Foreign Language Film Ambassador)

The next event will be a screening of Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ this Thursday (18th October) in the Guild Cinema.

Contact/Social Media Info:

Email: film@society.liverpoolguild.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/uolfilmsoc

Twitter: @liverpoolfilms2

Instagram: @uolfilm

Membership is £3 for the year and can be purchased here