The University of Liverpool is a place that prides itself for its abundance of multicultural societies. It aims to make sure everyone attending the university feels their identity is represented. One of the societies that showcases this inclusion is the Nepalese society.

Speaking to the Sphinx, Vice- President of the Nepalese society Kishor Nepal, had this to say about the group:

“The society is about uniting everyone that is interested about Nepalese culture or is willing to learn more. It is also about bringing Nepalese people together so that they feel more at home, as there aren’t that many Nepalese students in Liverpool. Furthermore, we also want to raise funds for charities that help Nepal.”

The society aims to host lots of events including movie nights, charity fun runs, food sales, and a chance to be a part of a unique culture.

If that sounded appealing to you, a really great way of making yourself known in the Nepalese society and getting involved would be to attend their event this Thursday; The Great Nepalese Festival. The festival aims to bring together the two main celebrations of Nepal, Dashain and Thihar. If you’re interested in learning more about the heritage of Nepal and the people this culture lives through, the Great Nepalese Festival is a fantastic place to start. Enjoy a traditional homemade meal, as well as the many Nepalese games that will be on show. This event is perfect for anyone and everyone who might want to learn more.

You can purchase your tickets for the Great Nepalese Festival here

To find out more, email the society at