A lot of people are now more conscious about purchasing from cruelty free brands, and around the world, people just like me are making little changes in hope to eventually see the day when all makeup, beauty and hair products are not tested on animals. It’s an unnecessary and cruel procedure, think about it, we don’t need makeup, it’s not life or death. But the reality for animals in the industry is that it IS life or death. So why do animals need to suffer in order for us to wear a bit of highlight? It HAS to stop and maybe one day it will, until then we can all make small changes which will help the animals. Here are my top 5 products that I’ve personally tried and tested, to give you some inspiration and make the switch far easier and exciting.

Glossier ‘Boy Brow’ – £14

I’m sure most people are aware of Glossier; from the flawless advertisements online to constant glowing reviews on YouTube. The online store may seem a tad overwhelming and I understand sometimes it’s difficult to put your money and trust into a beauty brand that hasn’t got a retail store here. However, I tried the lip balm, cream blush and Boy Brow and I can say none of the products disappointed. However, Boy Brow was by far my favourite and the hype around it from the beauty community is all valid. If you want natural fluffy brows or simply want to keep them in their natural place this product does the job. I previously used the Benefit Gimme Brow but Boy Brow blew it out of the water; it’s better quality, cheaper and I don’t have to worry about any animals being harmed as it has gained PETA accreditation!

Lush Hair Conditioner – £5.95 (100ml)

I have to admit not all Lush products are for me, however the hair conditioner, especially American Cream has been a firm favourite of mine since I first bought it. I previously used the Bed Head Dumb Blond conditioner but there’s not a lot of information on whether it is cruelty free or not so I decided to switch to something which was certifiably vegan friendly. Hair products are knowingly subjective, but for my hair (fine and not too greasy) it works perfectly and leaves it soft and smooth. As everyone knows Lush stores are full of overly-enthusiastic and helpful staff so maybe go and give the store in town a visit and see what would suit you best as theres many varieties of conditioner, plus they come in small bottles so you don’t have to commit too much money!

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask – £17

I bought this mask in January because the cold weather made my skin terrible, think dry, red and generally lacking moisture. Luckily, I have never suffered from severe acne but always get little bumps on my forehead which feel itchy and dry especially during winter. This mask saved my skin from those spots which seemed almost impossible to get rid of! I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t exactly work overnight, but with prolonged usage it certainly reduces spots and the irritation too. The mask is an amazing product and The Body Shop pride themselves in fighting animal cruelty whilst producing beauty products that work for everyone. The price did put me off buying it at first, but the tub does last, especially if you only use it when your skin needs some serious saving!

Kat Von D ‘Lock-It’ Foundation – £27

This is a great foundation if you want FULL coverage, I mean, FULL. They offer samples in the Debenhams in Liverpool One which is what I did and I couldn’t believe how much it covered. I have a brown skin pigment on my face and it completely covered it, which no foundation has ever done. For me it was a bit hard to work with because I’m not great at contour and the foundation coverage means you have to basically re-draw your features on, but overall the foundation does its job and the shade range is diverse enough to hopefully cater to most skin tones. The foundation is more on the pricy side, however for a premium foundation it is at the lower end and Debenhams seem to have almost weekly offers – especially in the run up to Christmas – so keep your eyes peeled.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid – £5.99

The Ordinary has an ever-growing range of products for a very reasonable price. Don’t be put off by the ‘acid’ in the title as it is very gentle and by no means skin peeling.  It just makes your skin more plump and helps with ageing (not something we all need yet but nothing wrong with a bit of prevention, right?) It can also help with dry skin, as this formula locks in moisture from the air into your skin. Use it after cleanser and toner but before moisturising and then carry on with your normal routine. It’s an all-round great product for this coming winter.

So that’s just a small selection of some of the amazing beauty and skin care products that are cruelty free and worth spending your money on! If you’re ever wanting to discover new products Cruelty-Free Kitty is a great online site which is frequently updated and can help you make those little changes!

*As I’m writing this coincidentally it has been announced that California has just become the first state to ban animal testing on beauty products. How amazing is that?! This just shows that if we all make little changes we can help stop animal testing eventually. No excuses.

Featured image: https://retreatscotland.com