I remember one December when I was around 4 years old, tearing open the first window of my advent calendar only to find a picture of a Christmas figure staring back at me, and much to my disappointment – no chocolate. Luckily, The Sphinx have compiled a comprehensive selection of tasty advent calendars including chocolate, gin, coffee and cheese to name a few, so you are sure to find the perfect advent calendar whatever your taste this December.

Chocolate Advent Calendars:

Here are some of our favourite chocolate-filled advent calendars guaranteed to satiate your sweet tooth, no matter what your budget is.

Lindt Advent Calendar:


RRP: £5.49

This advent calendar contains 24 melt-in-the-mouth chocolates, including 1 milk chocolate gold reindeer, 1 milk chocolate santa, 7 Swiss milk chocolate napolitains, 6 milk chocolate snowdrops, and 9 lindor mini truffles.

Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar:


RRP: £12.50

This luxurious advent calendar contains 24 Christmas sculptures, each made out of their signature 70% dark chocolate. This also happens to be suitable for vegans.

Moo Free Advent Calendar:


RRP: £3.00

This milk-chocolate alternative advent calendar is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan but still want to get their chocolate fix in the morning.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar:


RRP: £2.00

The classic Cadbury’s advent calendar will take you back to your childhood, and costs just 8.3 pence per chocolate.

Alcohol Advent Calendars:

These alcohol advent calendars are the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t like chocolate, and prefers a stronger treat throughout December, or perhaps enjoys a little glass of something after work.

Gin and Tonic Advent Calendar:



RRP: £95

This gin and tonic advent calendar contains a full-size bottle of The Lakes Distillery award winning Explorer Gin which is opened on the first day, and a different tonic to pair with it behind every door.

Prosecco and Fizz Advent Calendar:



RRP: £125

This is perfect for those who love their bubbles, consisting of prosecco, cava, sparkling wines and a bottle of champagne on Christmas Eve.

Beer Advent Calendar:


This advent calendar contains a selection brewed by Adnams in Southwold and includes a variety of beers from lagers to pale ales.

RRP: £70

Tea and Coffee Advent Calendars:

If you love your tea and coffee in the morning, then these advent calendars are perfect for you.

Holland and Barrett Tea Advent Calendar:


RRP: £6

Ideal for those who can’t leave the house without a cup of tea in the morning, this calendar offers 24 natural high quality organic teas including artichoke, matcha and jasmine flavours.

Beanies Flavoured Coffee Advent Calendar:


RRP: £20

This coffee advent calendar includes 46 sachets of coffee (2 per day) in assorted flavours, one jar of flavoured coffee, as well as a travel cup so you can enjoy your drink on the go. All the flavours are also sugar free and suitable for vegans.

Food Advent Calendars:

We have complied a variety of advent calendars featuring alternative treats to traditional chocolate calendars, such as cheese, biscuits, marshmallows and sweets.

Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar:


RRP: £10

This is the world’s first cheese advent calendar, and includes a 7 different varieties of delicious cheeses featuring a limited edition cheese on Christmas Eve.

McVitie’s Advent Calendar:


RRP: £6.99

This advent calendar is filled with 24 full-size biscuit bars including Penguins, Gold Bars, Club Mints, Club Oranges and a pack of Iced Gems.

Marshmallow Advent Calendar:


RRP: £15

This unusual twist on an advent calendar features six alternating marshmallow flavours including salted caramel, candy floss, strawberry cream, gingerbread, mint choc chip and s’mores! There is also a milk chocolate spoon behind door 25 which has a classic Vanilla Bean marshmallow.

Haribo Advent Calendar:


RRP: £5

This sweets advent calendar comprises of a selection of mini bags of Haribo favourites from around the world with seasonal themed bags and jellies.

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar:


RRP: £6

This advent calendar has sweets in 4 different flavours: blueberry bliss, peach fizz, sour watermelon and wild strawberry. All the sweets are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Featured image: https://www.lakesdistillery.com/online-shop-c13/christmas-c35/the-lakes-gin-gin-advent-calendar-p205