Within the cosy setting of Seal Street’s Phase One Records, New-York based artist Duendita graced the stage on Friday, when she made her Liverpool debut, supporting JMSN on his UK tour. Having released her latest album ‘direct lines to My Creator’ earlier this year, the young singer is certainly turning heads, and as she dives into her set, it’s not hard to see why this talented artist is on the rise.

“This is so chill, I’m loving it!” the young singer smiles, before kicking off the night with her song ‘pray’, a beat-heavy, yet relaxed track depicting the artist’s life growing up in Queens, New York. From the beginning of her performance, it’s clear that the young singer has become fully immersed in the music, swaying and dancing as she performs. The energy is certainly infectious, and it’s not long until the audience begin to move with her, as she begins to sing the isolated low notes of her next song ‘thunder’. Her voice is definitely impressive, with her deep, hypnotic vocals, captivating the audience, before the mellow, acoustic backing kicks in, blending with her voice almost effortlessly,  making it a clear standout of the performance.

The night continues in full swing, with the audience fully caught up in the mellow, yet captivating sound. As the performance goes on, the deeper, more personal message becomes more and more apparent, with songs such as ‘I’m gonna get you’ sending a clear feminist message, with more cutting lyrics like “No no, I don’t want to hold your hand, no no, I won’t even try, no, I want you to understand me”. The clear contrast of these more solemn lyrics, set against a heavy trap beat and light instrumental works well, with the audience becoming increasingly lively, much to the singer’s delight.

The night ends on a high with a new song ‘Healing the Pain’, which offers an uplifting backing which the audience responds to well, the whole crowd moving as Deundita’s captivating vocals fill the room. As the song ends, the room reacts with a rousing applause. She’s obviously made an impression, and after that engaging yet passionate performance, it’s clear that Duendita is one to look out for.