Liverpool Guild of students are hosting their first Black Leadership Conference which will be held on Saturday 24th November 2018 10:30am – 3:00pm.

Guild Vice-President Esther Bukoye said: “This Black Leadership Conference seeks to start a much needed ripple of change in many Russell Group Universities when it comes to topics like race and diversity. After revamping Black History Month, moving it from just – the one – Martin Luther King Jr picture, to it being much more visible with a whole hosts of diverse events, from a flash mob choir to launching “Hear My Voice”, debates and MORE, it became very evident (if it wasn’t already) that the student body want to see us move from being an organisation that not only proclaims values of inclusion and ethnicity in words, but in action TOO. I see that diversity and inclusion should never be restricted or silenced, which is why at the Guild we have started the first Black Leadership Conference so that we at this Russell Group Institution can see, listen and hear more diverse life experiences and truly understand that the term ‘we’ should never be ‘some’, but all, all of us”.

The Black Leadership Conference will allow students the opportunity to network with Liverpool University Alumni who are experts in their field, including workshops that will be held throughout the day delivered by entrepreneurs, barristers and more. Workshops will focus on topics from “Celebrating Women of Colour in Sport” to “Black Excellence in Law”. Lunch will be included in the event and there will be a panel discussion at the end of the conference in order to allow students the opportunity to ask the guest speakers questions.

Special guests include:

Dr Christeienna Fryar – lecturer in the History of Slavery and Unfree labour, University of Liverpool.

Irene Afful MSC – Founder & Director, Ametrine Enterprise Solutions.

Jason Pitter QC – Barrister, New Park Court.

Dr Tony Sewell, CBE – Founder & CEO, Generating Genius.

Full details of the schedule for day’s events can be found here.

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