Halloween is one of the biggest, boldest, loudest, most drink fuelled nights of the student year. The costumes are unruly, the crowds even more so. The drinks could amount to more than the water in the river Mersey. But it’s fun, right?

The night is amazing, the morning after? Not so much. Here are our top tips for battling that hangover, according to science:

Food food food!  

  1. Soak up that alcohol the night before. There is nothing worse than drinking on an empty stomach and the alcohol you consume will make you dehydrated, so grab those fries, that pizza or that veggie burger on your way home; if you’re up for it, you can even make your own post-booze snack at home – protein, carbs and sugar are the ingredients for the perfect before bed eats!
  2. When you wake up, and the sickness hits, do not avoid breakfast. Breakfast is your friend. Based on research, the morning after consuming a large amount of alcohol will see your sugar levels drop considerably and having a hearty breakfast will combat that hanging feeling.

Drink plenty!

  1.  The dehydration will be real. Waking up with a mouth dryer than the sands of the Sahara will require only one thing: water. Drink as much water as you can consume. The more water you can drink, the more alcohol  toxins you will flush from your body and the faster that hangover will go.
  2. Despite what you may think, coffee is not the drink that you should reach for. The caffeinated beverage will only dehydrate you even more. If you want something a bit more tasty than water, juices filled with vitamins and minerals, natural sugars and a pretty yummy taste should be your only alternative!

Get your sleep!

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  1. Sleep can be one of the most effective ways of reducing your symptoms, largely because you’ll be giving your body time to recover its normal chemical balance. Not having enough sleep will only make you feel tired, a sure way of making that nausea double, triple, even multiply on an immeasurable scale. So, sleep in until you feel well enough, take an afternoon nap, and get an early night the following day.
  2. If you are struggling to get to sleep, try ear plugs to block out those amplified sounds, unique to a heavy hangover, and an eye mask will really help you to drift off, and ignore the blaring sun through those curtains!

Supplement your way through!

The best foods for vitamins and minerals - Harvard Health


  1. If the natural remedies just aren’t doing the job, science has revealed some of the most effective supplements for reducing the symptoms of a hangover. Red ginseng, prickly pear, ginger, borage oil and eleuthero are the saviours that you may decide to reach for, if sleep is not enough. Otherwise, paracetamol could be the easiest option, although do not drink alcohol when taking them, and always follow the instructions given!

Follow these tips to avoid that Bridget feeling and get on with the day, as if you were as fresh as the leaves in Abercromby Square!

For more advice or medical attention, go to the NHS website.


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